Using the LeaveBoard chatbot on Slack

As an employee, to be able to book time off directly from Slack, you will have to follow the following steps:

  1. Login to LeaveBoard, using Slack Single-Sign-On.
  2. In this way, your Slack account will be associated with the one of your company on LeaveBoard.

After you finalized these steps, you can use /lb command in any channel.

The LeaveBoard Vacation Tracker Chatbot facilitates a set of time-off management activities for every employee:

  1. Book time off
  2. Approve time off
  3. List personal time off
  4. Team leaves
  5. Get notified when your leaves get approved
  6. Access your time-off balance.

Once you had typed /lb in the console, you will receive a notification from Slackbot, where you can take any of the actions mentioned above.

Note that the Slack integration works if your administrator has setup Slack in your company.

Note: If you get an error mentioning "Your account is not associated with any company," please ask your administrator to invite you to the LeaveBoard system. Administrators can do this by following these instructions.

Very important! It is mandatory to have both the LeaveBoard account and the Slack account with the same email address for successful integration.

If your managers have invited you to use LeaveBoard using your company email, however on Slack you use a different email, you will not be able to use the /lb command.