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Choose automated time-off management software to reduce the time spent on paper forms and spreadsheets. Managing employee time-off requests could not be any easier.

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Paid Time-off Management Software

The time-off manager developed by LeaveBoard solves your problems and keeps your employees happy. Upgrade your employee leave tracking experience, whether paid, unpaid, sick or business-specific leave of absence. Configuring leave policies to fit your organization's needs, and employment legislation will take just a few minutes. Use a cloud-based leave management system to ensure full visibility and accurate data for employees that are on leave or absent.

The benefits of using time-off management software:

  • Accuracy — Leave requests are accurately managed and consistent with time-off policies.
  • Flexibility — Set up custom leave types, approval processes, and employee allowances.
  • Easy — Employee self-service ensures that it is easy to create requests. The self-service manager helps you make significant decisions based on data.
  • Productivity — Reduce admin time by asking, reviewing, and approving time-off in seconds.
  • Integrated — When the employee books time-off, the manager is automatically updated. Moreover, we provide Slack integration and support for using a shared calendar of choice with the Sync option.

Empowered workforce

Through the Employee Portal, the leave management system empowers your staff on HR tasks. Questions such as "How much paid time-off do I have left?" will be history. Your workforce can check balances, manage, and track their leaves. Booking leave is done in just a few seconds, using any device that has an internet connection. Managers can run reports, analyze absence trends, and find solutions to staffing problems in real-time.

Time-off request

The self-service feature allows your employees to request time-off, add comments, and sent them to the manager for approval. Instant eligibility verification is done automatically for each PTO request.

With the Time-off manager, you can:

  • Request time-off
  • Manage paid time-off
  • Approve paid time-off
  • Track vacation, PTO, sick leave
  • Set your holiday calendar
  • Plan leaves
  • Add your vacation policies
  • Add your sick-leave policies
  • Track time-off
  • Manage employee's time-off requests

The Easy-to-Use Time Off Management

Stop wasting time coordinating time-off requests on paper and spreadsheets.

Do not hesitate to check the Guide on switching from Employee time-off spreadsheets to an HR leave management system.


  • Checks time-off balance
  • Books time-off with three clicks


  • Gets an instant notification
  • Approves the request


  • Gets a notification with the approval of the manager
  • Enjoys the vacation

  • Updates calendars
  • Updates reports
  • Updates balances
  • Checks for overlaps
  • Sends notifications & reminders
  • And much more

Simple reporting

Say goodbye to complicated spreadsheets. Generating a leave and absence report will take a few clicks. You can find trends, plan, track leaves, find employees at risk of burnout, and more.

Explore the HR Reporting Tool

Approval workflows

Need to delegate the approval of leaves to various managers? No problem. The LeaveBoard system allows you to set up custom approval workflows per employee. After registering the time off request, your manager will receive all the essential details instantly. Once approved, the employee gets a notification, and the leave is visible in the team absence calendar.

Minimize unauthorized leaves

Unplanned absences are costly for the organization. There is a high indirect cost of absence: business disruption, overtime, deadlines missed, or customer dissatisfaction. With the PTO tracking system, each request is transmitted automatically to the manager for review. Notifications highlight overlaps and low or negative entitlement balance.

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Time-Off Policies

Multiple PTO policies or leave types? You will love being able to create custom annual time-off policies that accrue automatically , and the employees will love using the mobile app to send requests.

Work schedule

For each employee, you set their working week. You can split it into two sessions to create a lunch break if necessary. Their working week is reflected in the team’s calendars so you can see who should be working and when.

Automatically display public holidays

Public and bank holidays from over 44 different countries are instantly available to you. You can import country-specific public holidays or create your own set of company-wide days off and enable exact PTO calculation and vacation planning.

Time-Off Management Software packed with many features

Online time-off requests

Employees can log in to book time-off online.

Employee Self-Service

Engage your employees intuitively, wherever they are.

Time-Off Tracking

Record every absence request automatically in the database.

Employee profile

All your employees can log in to their portal, check the time-off balance, team vacation calendar, and more.

Overlaps warning

Receive instant alerts about the other colleagues that are away when you want to.

Dynamic entitlement calculator

Benefit from automatic calculations based on working time patterns, local calendars, company rules, etc.

Instant email notifications

Receive email notification once a request is added or approved.

Vacation calendar

Your employees will know who is off and when.

Simple approval flow

You can choose the supervisor for each employee.

What is time-off management?

By now, you know that Leave management or Time-off Management is a critical HR process. Annual time-off management software simplifies or cuts the administrative hurdles and tracks absences and PTO. It helps small and medium businesses to be compliant with labor legislation while releasing them from repetitive manual tasks. Moreover, it allows employees to request time-off, access their balances, and plan their future vacations.

More benefits of using the time off manager

Reduce administrative costs and time

Updating employee PTO on a manual spreadsheet can lead to errors. Using annual leave management software, you remove repetitive administrative tasks. It supplies exact data about essential HR aspects, which is always up to date. Handling requests and approvals digitally will save you and your organization a lot of time and money.

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Consistent policy compliance

Reliable leave policy enforcement reduces compliance risk. When booking time-off, the request goes through a leave eligibility process, ensuring accuracy and consistent policy compliance.

Enhanced workplace productivity

The employees are the engine of any business. Employee absences are not only costly, but they have repercussions within the effectiveness and business continuity. Understanding the cause of absenteeism will affect productivity and increase team satisfaction.

Automate your Time-Off Management with a system that your employees will enjoy.

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