Time Off Request Form

Time-off requests can be both a challenge and a concern for HR practitioners. Time-off requests can be both a challenge and a concern for HR practitioners. A time off request form that is part of of time off manager system helps to be more productive, more effective, and more accurate.

The problem

Ineffective Time Off Request Management

Employees worldwide need to get permission from their managers about each vacation request.

The time off request process is usually ineffective, time-consuming, and error-prone.

SymptomTraditional means
Repetitive work for HR leads
Calculation errors
Too much time wasted
Coordination difficulties between team-members
Ineffective processes
Lack of transparency across the team presence
No control for employees
Lack of consistency with the request experience
The solution

Start using a Time Off Request Form Manager

In a time when everything happens so fast, both employees and managers need to have access to information quickly. A modern time-off management app will allow your staff to self-serve and automatically track and organize all the records for you and the entire company.



Time off spreadsheets

Delightful employee experiences



The Form Essentials

The form allows to personalize the essential details: 

  • Type of time-off
  • Date/dates
  • Additional information (comment/reason/message for the manager/backup person).

*Since each employee has an account, then the name of the employee will be automatically associated with every request.



Online Employee Time Off Request Form

The Leave Request Form allows your employees to book the time off types according to your company policies:

  • PTO
  • Vacation
  • Leaves of absence
  • Sick leave
  • Holiday
  • Work from home
  • Annual leave
  • Personal leave, maternity, unpaid, etc.

*If you have other time-off types, you can add them. Moreover, you can rename them in your language.



Automated Rules, Processes & Validations

The form facilitates multiple HR processes when it comes to time off management. It improves and simplifies the overall activities of the HR and accounting departments while employees have more control. Let’s see what the automations are: 

1Sends an email to the manager for approval

The system streamlines communications by automatically emailing the right managers with the time-off request for approval. Also, once the request is approved, an email is sent to the employee.

Tip: The system permits Automatic Approval Policies.

2Policy and rules validation

While the employee starts using the form, the system will check if the request complies with the rules and settings associated with the leave policy (i.e., Automatic approval, mandatory comment, required backup person).

In this case, the employee looks to book more leave days than his yearly allowance.

Learn more about the leave policies, and rules.

3 Add the entry to the attendance calendar

When the entry is submitted for approval, it will be added to the team attendance calendar.

4Highlight colleagues off at the same time

To ensure consistency within the team, once you complete the time-off request form, you will instantly see who else is absent simultaneously.

5PTO calculator

With every request, the system will calculate the number of days booked so that errors are avoided. For example, the system will only consider the business days for an interval containing a weekend and a public holiday*.

* Note: The system can simultaneously handle employees with different work schedules and public holidays from multiple geographies.
6Updates leave records

Once the leave is booked, then as an employee, you will have a list with all the records and know exactly what type of time off you booked and when.

7Sync to Outlook/Google

If you connect with Outlook or Google, you can have each time-off request added directly to your favorite calendar.

9Updates the time-off balance

With this automation, the number of PTO days booked by each employee will be available instantly.

10To be used up to a specific date

Some time-off types, for example the carry-overs, have a use it or loose it rule attached to it. In this case to be used up to a specific date.

11Book on behalf

Managers can submit time-off of their direct reports

11Slack Vacation Tracker

Use the Slack vacation tracker chatbot to book and approve time-off from your favorite work tool.

Packed with multiple benefits

  • Employees have access to the balance of their leaves
  • Instant email requests sent automatically
  • One-click approvals from email/Slack
  • Secure system with daily backups
  • Reduce errors
  • Ensure compliance


Get the manager for free or at an affordable price.


  • Nine employees maximum
  • All feature access
  • Customer support

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  • $1.35/employee
  • 14 days trial
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Time Off Request Form Manager Features

Update your time off management. LeaveBoard offers incredible HR experiences that remove friction by automating repetitive tasks, centralizing data, and streamlining workflows.

Register any absence

Give employees the experiences they deserve.

  • Online absence requests forms for every employee
  • Dynamic entitlement calculator
  • Overlaps warning
  • Instant email/Slack notifications
  • Absence calendar
  • Automatic entry in your Office/Google Calendar
  • Delegate absence approval tasks to your lead managers
  • Custom approval flows
  • Absence history & audit
  • Custom absence types
  • Enforce limit restrictions
  • Easily amend allocations

Part of the HR Software

The Time Off Request module is a vital element of the powerful HR Software.

  • Employee directory
  • Employee records
  • Employee portal
  • Leave policies and types
  • Leave tracking
  • Attendance calendar
  • Leave of absence records for payroll
  • Simple notification workflows
  • Process automations
  • Daily back-ups

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