HR analytics software

HR analytics software represents the process of gathering and analyzing employee data to improve the business outcomes. Learn why data-driven decisions in the HR department are essential for the successful management of your people with an automatic software. It includes everything from headcount, age, tenure and more.

HR analytics software

Gain access to insights to identify the state of your organization. Our software provides valuable insights across the workplace that can give to your business leaders real-time analysis.

HR analytics dashboard

Together with the HR reports and the HR dashboards, the human resource analytics functionalities facilitate better, faster, and smarter decision making, based on real-time people data.

Talent is the most critical catalyst for growth within any business. Now you will be able to surface essential insights, spot absenteeism, and prevent burnout much easier.

When it comes to business continuity, you will understand how to allocate human capital better and plan your business's future.

LeaveBoard offers you the possibility to understand the headcount and its distribution among its offices and teams, plus much more. Its core HR software helps companies to tackle easter administrative aspects across the organization.

By using the power of employee-generated data, you eliminate gut feelings and welcome trusted decision-making. Using innovative ways to approach HR creates a solid organizational culture that the workforce will enjoy and will make your business more resilient over time.

By identifying early inefficiencies within people management and optimizing leave management, you gain an improved return on investment (ROI) since absences are costly to the business.

Lastly, you will have available at any time the demographic information about your employees including future birthdays and work-anniversaries.

Frequently asked questions

What is HR Analytics?

HR analytics is the application of statistics, modeling, and analysis of employee-related factors to improve the business outcomes.

In other words, HR analytics refers to the analytical approach of all the HR processes in hope of finding the weak points of the employees’ performance as well as improving those aspects and thus getting the best return on investment.

Why are the reasons to use people analytics in small and medium organizations?

The workforce in small and medium businesses is generating more data, but at the same time, most of this data is scattered across paper, emails, and spreadsheets. LeaveBoard offers the capability to turn people data into valuable insights and gain the advantage of it:

  • Take the pulse of your organization
  • Leverage data to improve the business strategy and plan ahead
  • Equip management with better HR insights
  • Optimize the recruiting strategy
  • Collecting employee data efficiently
  • Tackle difficult challenges like lack of diversity or a high turnover rate.
  • Improve productivity of the HR department.


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