Work at LeaveBoard

Help us build the workforce management platform that thousands of corporations use.

What do we do?

We are a new HR company that distinguishes trough novel technology, simple design, and intuitive experiences.

We think that as companies grow, the management of workforce gets complicated, and here our solution starts to play a key role.

Working at LeaveBoard

We are a small team where people are happy, productive, creative and collaborative.

Here are some vacancies and we need some support. Since peer learning is very important for us, the jobs below are not prescriptive that’s why you might jump from sales to marketing and customer satisfaction in one day. Expect to be empowered and challenged by awesome professionals.

Interested in joining us?

Our combined and collective experience has taught us something valuable: that the most likely environment in which young and ambitious individuals can find a career that truly fulfills their ambitions, fits their skill set like a woolly glove and meets their expectations.

If you're smart, motivated professional looking for something more than a job then have a look at the openings below. We'd like to meet you.