HR Software in the Cloud

LeaveBoard is a cloud-based HR Software provider designed to offer tools to manage your human resources easily. From leave management, calendar synchronizations, approval flows, employee directory, you will have the core HR tools for your small and medium business to succeed.

What is SaaS?

SaaS stands for Software-As-A-Service. Software as a service allows users to connect via cloud-based applications, usually using a web-browser.

By shifting to SaaS, the hurdle to deal with downloads, installations, setup, back-up, and other maintenance aspects will be eliminated, usually known as on-device licensed software. Third parties such as LeaveBoard will manage both the hardware and the software infrastructure, ensuring availability and security of your app and data. The underlying infrastructure and data are located in the service provider’s data center.

A business that migrates to SaaS Software experience a cost reduction and productivity boost since you will be able to mobilize your workforce easily and allow the staff to access the app from anywhere.

Other examples of SaaS applications: Slack, Office 365 or Google Apps.

Tip: Nearly 40% of businesses have moved their core applications to the cloud already, with a third of the remainder planning to migrate over the next 12–18 months, according to the Fourth Annual HR Technology Survey by PWC.

Benefits of cloud-based HR SAAS solutions


From buying licenses for all your computers that need to be maintained, you will pay a general subscription fee. Cloud systems eliminate the need for buying expensive hardware, storing and maintaining it. You can scale easily as you grow and the operating costs will be kept at a minimum.

Simple setup

Since you will not have to handle with servers or download or install any software, you can start using the SaaS HR app in minutes directly from your browser.

Secure and updated

Instead of relying on the IT department on maintenance, security patches, and updates, the SaaS vendor covers this responsibility. Word processors are fine to be installed on your device, however, if you want the data accessible, and the app always up to date, cloud vendors come handy.

Productivity boost

Rather than updating spreadsheets and wasting time chasing your managers for signatures, or checking company policies, switching to an HR cloud app that engaged the employees and automates repetitive tasks will enhance the collaborative culture and boost staff motivation.

Staying competitive

You also need the best, most accessible and efficient tools for your staff to be able to perform optimally in their jobs.

Stop wasting time on HR administration

A could app is the best way to perform everyday HR tasks, ensure easy access to data to your workforce and make your company's strategy more agile and dynamic.

We have prepared a guide on how to select a HR Software vendor that you might enjoy, pointing to 5 additional advantages of using such cloud based-solutions.

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