Employee Self-Service

Modern business runs on self-service. Cloud technology offers a more effective, reliable, and secure experience. Allow your workforce to take the reigns - both employees and managers, and leave more time to focus on strategic initiatives.

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The benefits of using an online employee self-service platform:

  • Reduce admin time
  • Speed up the HR operations
  • Ensure continuity and engagement
  • Keep employee records safe and updated
  • Empower the workforce
  • Enable employees to request leave
  • Allow supervisors to retain control
  • Improve employee satisfaction

Employee Dashboards

Your employees can book and manage their time-off easily, which allows you to focus on the HR issues that really matter.

HR management has never been easier. Your workforce will have access to core HR information updated in real-time, when and where they need it.

Delegate team leaders to approve their team's time-off

The employees need to know how much available PTO they have, and managers need information about their team. These processes require time and result in delays, poor decision-making, or vacation policies that are not respected. Spend less time on admin tasks and focus on delivering value to the business.

HR App

With an Employee Self-Service solution (ESS), the staff will be able to access work-related details, manage leave, and gain insights using their team from their mobile devices, anytime, and from anywhere.

  • Responsive design
  • Intuitive
  • Easy to use
  • No download needed
  • Accessible anytime directly from your browser

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Access to HR information

Sensitive data should be protected. That's why we've built role-based access and advanced permissions to ensure data privacy.

Automatic updates

When a leave is introduced in the system, the records are automatically updated in real-time in reports, calendars, and personal records. Goodbye duplicate entries, manual inputs, and human errors.

Discover the employee Leave Tracking

For Employees

  • Access the employee portal
  • Book vacation and sick leaves
  • No training required
  • View time-off balance
  • Consult the online holiday planner
  • Simplify internal communication
  • Access the shared team calendar
  • Receive a notification when time-off is approved

For Managers

  • Access employee data
  • Approve or refuse time-off requests
  • Facilitates decision-making
  • View business reports
  • Accessible at any time on any device
  • Eliminate leave clashes or key skill shortage crisis
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Frequently asked questions:

What is Employee self-service (ESS)?

Employee self-service, in short ESS, is a convenient feature offered by most modern HRIS. LeaveBoard makes no exception, so make sure you improve your employee’s work-life by using ESS.

A self-service platform is a software that is accessible to all employees, not only HR professionals, and is of great help in a lot of job-related tasks. Employees can access leave information or even update their professional data.

And if you’re not sure what ESS stands for? ESS is the abbreviation for Employee Self-Service.

What is Employee Self-Service used for?

Modern EES software allows staff members to:

  • book time-off (by submitting requests to the manager in charge of the approval)
  • view and update their personal information - such as name, team, manager, working hours, phone number, etc. -all these in their profile
  • check the online holiday planner
  • access the shared team calendar
  • and much more.

How to introduce ESS to the staff?

Even though our employee self-service is easy to use, you cannot expect your employees to be trained in handling new technology. Employees should be trained to use the platform as part of the onboarding process of each company. The HR staff and managers need to make sure employees are comfortable with the ESS and answer all their questions when needed.

Making employee self-service work should be a goal for your organization, but to achieve it, more than one department has to implement it. HR managers and managers from other departments must collaborate to make employee usage as common and widespread as possible.

What is an ESS HR app?

An ESS HR app allows your employees to check their time-off balance or the next public holiday from their mobile devices, anytime, and from anywhere. Our HR app is intuitive and has a responsive design, so everyone will love it. No download is needed and employees can also use it as a web app, by accessing it directly from a browser.

What are the advantages of Employee Self-Service tools?

We truly believe that LeaveBoard’s EES has many benefits. Let’s check them out:

  • a visible increase in productivity and efficiency
  • a reduced admin time, due to fewer questions regarding time-off requests, benefits entitlement, or scheduling issues. If repetitive tasks will be eliminated, the HR department will be able to see the bigger picture
  • accelerated HR operations
  • more employee empowerment
  • reduced risk of human error, when it comes to data entries
  • reduced risk of inaccurate data when it comes to the personal information because employees are the ones in charge of completing it
  • improving employee satisfaction and engagement.

The human resource information system (HRIS) or human resource management system (HRMS) industry is evolving every day and efficiency and productivity are a target for every organization. Employee Self-Service is one of the tools to use for reaching high-level productivity among staff.

Streamline HR in your business with an employee self-service system and increase labor efficiency

Reduce labor costs

If your employees have access to the system to submit holiday requests, check who is off and visualize their leave balances, the costs related to repetitive HR tasks are cut.

Save your employees time

Once you say goodbye to manual and inefficient processes, it will be easy to keep up to date with what is happening in the business while running your admin smoothly.

Improve productivity

The cloud-based employee dashboard, designed to provide an intuitive user experience that is easy to navigate, secure, and accessible from wherever they are, at any time, and using any browser.

Automate your Human Resources Management with the employee self-service system.

Easy set-up ● No contracts required ● No credit cards