Leave Management

Are you looking for a simple system to manage and approve leave requests from any device, know who is off, and plan effectively?

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History of employee leaves

The leave management software

Our solution automates and integrates the leave management procedure into a flexible system that allows small and medium businesses to effectively apply leave policies and reduce time and costs associated with workforce productivity.

Dashboard of the Leave Management Software

Smart HR tools for you and your team

Manage leave days and other absences quickly and efficiently.

Leave tracker


It is essential to track employee leave patterns to monitor the amount of paid leave, sick leaves, and holiday patterns within your organization.

  • Track all leave of absence
  • Leave and vacation days, sick and remote work
  • Set official holidays
  • Define leave types
  • Centralized leave records
  • Simple approval flows

Vacation calendar


Understand the big picture in your organization. Get an overview of all working days, holidays, and planned leaves through the vacation calendar.

  • Quick team overview
  • Annual, office, and team calendar
  • Google/Outlook calendar integration
  • History of leave requests
  • Helps managers to make better decisions
  • Saves costs, paper, and time

Leave planer


The leave manager helps companies plan more effectively, increase transparency, and adapt staff workload levels to drive success.

  • Easily plan vacation
  • Automatic leave balance calculation
  • Setup public holidays with 2 clicks
  • Mobile-friendly use
  • Ensure employees do not take time off at the same time
  • Easy, fast, and user-friendly

Automated leave management system

Cut repetitive tasks, and start using a system to automate leave management. Gain business agility, productivity, and effectiveness.

Email notification workflows

Dynamic leave tracking policies

Smart HR process automation

Instant rules validations

Chatbots and Calendar feeds

Designed to meet your needs

Custom leave types
Do your to track work from home? Allow them to book such a leave.

Custom allowance per employee
What is the difference between a senior executive and a newcomer? The difference in the number of yearly days off allowed is one of them.

Automatic annual accrual
Forget about Excel formulas and contractual agreements. The accrual policies are a breeze.

Annual leave management software

Leave management anywhere, anytime

Manage your team attendance on the go

Access the HR dashboard with real-time people insights

Decrease absenteeism rates.

The shared team attendance calendar and the leave planner

The shared team attendance calendar and the leave planner

Take leave management to new levels

Transform the way your employee leave needs get solves within your workplace.

  • Automatic balances calculation
  • Leave policies and workflows are applied with every request
  • Leave records are updated instantly
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Limit access to crucial data with roles and permissions
  • Daily back-ups
  • Online web-app, cloud-based. No installation is needed
  • Integrated with Slack, Outlook, and Google Calendar
  • Single Sign-On user authentication
  • Leave of absence reports for payroll in XLS format
  • Constant usability, performance, and process updates
  • Fewer errors and increased compliance

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Novel experience,
tailored to your employees

Forget about spreadsheets. Say hello to paperless leave requests, and allow employees to manage absences online from day 1 until they retire.

Small effort,
Big benefits

1 Access valuable book leave of absence tools

2 Receive email notifications

3 Find out who is off this week

4 Review your leave history

The shared team attendance calendar helps to plan work more effectively at work

The leave management system

The all-in-one HR system covers the entire leave management process: plan, book, approve, track, monitor, and analyze. Find below a diagram to help you understand the big picture. You will realize how different LeaveBoard HR software parts interrelate to ensure a smooth management process.

The flowchart showcases how the leave management system provides access to different solutions depending on the role you're having and the use case you need.

The Leave Management System provides useful dashboards that facilitate data access whenever needed.

The Leave Management System provides useful dashboards that facilitate data access whenever needed.

From offline to online
People management

You and your employees will enjoy every aspect of leave management - from planning to tracking and managing using simple HR software.

Access the system from your mobile, or desktop device.

Skip passwords using your Google, Outlook, or Slack account.

Perzonalize the access, permission, and privacy settings of each of your employees.

An in-depth presentation
of the leave management system

Let's see how the Online leave management system works.

Timestamps • available.

Features available with the Leave Management System

Leave request form

Employees can book any type of leave of absence.

Absence manager

Managers get email notification for every leave request.

Attendance calendar

Your people see who is off, and plan the next leave easily.

Leave reports

Build HR reports to help you make better business decisions.

Leave tracking for Slack

Request PTO from Slack? Sure. Your manager got notified about it.

People dashboards

Gain insights and better adapt to the needs of your workforce.

Employee portal

One online account per employee. Custom access and permissions.

Employee directory

Structure your employee data digitally according to your org chart.

Easy setup

With a system built for the cloud, creating an account takes minutes.

Integrate with your favorite work apps

LeaveBoard integrates with an ever-growing list of apps and syncs with popular calendars. Google? Yes. Office 365? Yes. Slack? Yes, we have a leave management chatbot also!

Thousands of HR managers use the leave management system daily.

Packed with multiple benefits for employees


Trusted by 2000+ HR Managers

  • Fast, user-friendly, easy to use
  • Highly configurable
  • Reduce absenteeism


More effective than Excel sheets

  • Enhances productivity
  • Reduce errors
  • Ensure compliance


More productive

  • Automate HR processes
  • Optimal integrations
  • Access precise information
Although it may sound counterintuitive, a staff leave management system has many benefits for your company.

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Frequently asked questions:

What is leave management?

Leave management, also known as time off management or absence management, refers to the administration of employee time off within an organization. Tasks include requesting time off, routing request to decision-makers, notifying payroll, synchronizing with attendance calendars, and updating employee records. Leave management software helps SMBs simplify leave tracking, streamlining leave procedures to be compliant with labor legislation while releasing them from repetitive manual tasks and becoming more productive and cost-effective.

What is a leave management system?

Leave management is a critical HR process within any business. Although it is an important employee management activity, it consumes significant time if not handled professionally. Successful organizations use leave management systems to simplify, drop the administrative hurdles, monitor, plan, and track leaves of absence. Such apps help small and medium businesses comply with labor legislation while cutting manual tasks through automation. Leave management software allows staff to request any leave of absence, access their balances, and better plan for their future vacations. Lastly, poor leave management practices can negatively affect employee performance.

What are the advantages of using an employee leave management app?

We have put together a guide packed with 12 reasons why Leave Management Solutions are especially useful for small businesses. Check it out! Costs reduced, productivity increased, HR practices transformed, and streamlined communications are some advantages described with system screenshots.

And if you are an HR manager, line manager, or finance professional, we have selected valuable leave management use cases for you.

What are the challenges of leave management?

The challenges of organizations vary when it comes to tackling leave management processes and tasks. Human resource professionals and company managers admit this is the case due to the increasing number of jobs they must handle.

If the leave workflows are not transparent, your organization will face lower productivity, negative employee performance, or failure to follow employment laws. Additionally, rather than growing your business or working on the next hire, you might feel swamped for hours, transcribing documents, filling forms, or detecting calculation errors. Additionally, it is essential to mention the following cases:


Discover how to overcome leave management challenges.

  • Payroll errors
  • Miscommunication
  • Tracking employee allowance
  • Productivity
  • Planning
  • Transparency
  • Absenteeism
  • Employment laws compliance
  • Apply leave policies consistently

What are the best practices for developing your employee leave process?

Since we became a leave management software vendor, we have learned some tips and best practices about how to smooth the leave management process. We are happy to share them with you:

  • Ensure that your staff can request time off quickly. It boosts productivity and staff satisfaction.
  • Ensure that you enforce the policies and legal requirements and apply them without discrimination.
  • Make the shift from paper and delegate leave requests to all staff with self-service apps.
  • Delegate the approval process to the line managers.
  • Make better decisions based on employee reports.
  • Import the holidays that employees will see across multiple offices.
  • Supply an employee manual that includes a detailed section on leave policies. Share it also with the new hires.
  • Keep track of employee leave balance - this helps to spot absenteeism or presenteeism.
  • Monitor team calendars to see if your key positions are always covered and end critical skill shortages.
  • Keep up with the vacation planning and spot the employees that have not booked the summer/winter absences yet.
  • Shift from spreadsheets to leave management systems and embrace the power of HR digitization.
  • Cut repetitive tasks with smart integrations. Need to know who is out today? Just open your Outlook 365, and you will have all the information to make better decisions. Are you requesting a leave of absence? Open Slack. Need to approve someone's request? Another Slack notification pops up on your main channel.

Automate your Human Resources Management with the leave tracking app that your HR department will enjoy.

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