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The nowadays HR Managers often feel overwhelmed with all the activities they have to perform: recruiting and retaining employees, onboarding and offboarding, legal compliance, reporting, and many more. Let LeaveBoard be a helping hand for your HR Manager by reducing the administrative workload, digitizing your leave management, thereby allowing your team to focus on the more strategic goals of the organization.

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Think of LeaveBoard as the digital colleague that works closely with your team, assisting in processes like:

Leave management

Tracking leave of absences is time-consuming. You should automate this churn.

Employee database

All the employee data structured according to your org chart.

Employee self-service

Your people can access their portal, request time-off or see who is off.

Powerful reporting

Build HR reports to help you take better business decisions.

Automatic messages

Facilitating employee-manager communication.

Leave planner

Improving vacation planning and tracking for employees.

Smooth approval workflows

Personalize the approvers per team or individually per employee.

Access control system

Using the app, employees have clear access rights that limit access to sensitive data.

HR Dashboard

Gain better people insights and improve decision making.

Emplyee management software

Boost productivity and gain time to focus on the strategic work.

HR Managers will be thrilled with the HR Software we offer because:

A. Gain a clear insight over the entire team thanks to the Time-Off Manager

  • Forget about spreadsheets for time off requests, you can now enjoy a very simple approval process. With a few clicks, you can approve or decline a time-off request and the employee will receive an instant notification.
  • The Employee Self-Service we offer will take the burden of answering questions from the HR Managers. Questions like:
  • How many days off do I have left? Or who is my approval manager? All these questions disappear because every employee will hold an individual HR portal, which will allow him to check the time-off balance.
  • Say goodbye to time off conflicts, errors due to wrong input, calculation, manual work or unnecessary time spent to find out how much leave allowance your employees have, or which team members will be absent next month.
  • Time-Off tracking just got easier and errors are less likely to occur!

B. Managing HR records has never been easier

With our HR reporting system, an overview of the consumed and remaining time off is available at all times.

  • LeaveBoards records all absences occurred over the month, so you can have a valuable insight into attendance issues and discover different patterns regarding absenteeism. 
  • Spot the weak parts in your organization early enough to backup informed future decision-making.
  • XLS downloads.
  • Shift from storing paper-based employee information to an easy to search a digital database of personnel data. Hello digital HR.
  • LeaveBoard allows you to customize the Employee Directory to be suitable for your teams. You can divide all the data by teams, offices, countries, etc.
  • Every employee has an individual profile, so no more looking into hundreds of papers to check a phone number.
  • All employee records are saved in one secure and encrypted place.
  • You can even set up the person in charge (team manager, supervisor, or HR representative) of approving leave requests: since every company is different, LeaveBoard allows you to customize who can approve leaves within a team or for a specific team member.

C. Configure the company’s own leave policies

  • Yes, that is correct, HR Managers can use LeaveBoard for designing the perfect time-off policy.
  • Customize the leave as you see fit. Make separate time off categories: vacation days, sick leave, personal time, bereavement, public holidays, parental leave, etc
  • Automatically import holidays from more the major countries in the world
  • Custom workflows: No matter how big your team is, we made it easy to set up the leave supervisor for each new employee who joined your organization. 
  • Local time zones: Our leave management software works for small local businesses and big international companies. You can have one office in San Francisco (GMT-7), and another one in Berlin (GMT+2), the system will trigger time off in your team calendars at the right time.

D. Eliminate repetitive tasks with smart integrations

  • Today, HR Managers to take advantage of smart integrations for repetitive tasks such as requesting or approving leave request emails or adding tasks in the Google calendar?
  • With the Slack app, all LeaveBoard operations (request time off, who is off today or this week, approve time off, my next PTO) directly in your favorite communication tool.
  • No need to add your next vacation into the calendar, the HR app does it automatically for Google Calendar / Outlook Calendar or to your calendar of choice with the .iCal feed.

E. Automate HR processes. Goodbye paperwork

  • Adjust allowance on employment date for every new hire.
  • Find people analytics and new insights with the age and service length calculators.
  • Setup email notifications alerts for any request type (i.e., Sick, Training) beyond the supervisor.
  • Gain control with advanced permissions that offers the possibility to limit access to sensitive data
  • Consolidate data, and make better decisions with accurate reports

F. Reach a human to get the work done

  • There are times when even HR Managers may feel lost. No worries! We are at your disposal any question you may have. Don’t be shy! Our customer support department wants to make the LeaveBoard experience perfect! 
  • Setup a demo or just create a free account and get started.

Automate your HR duties with with the easy to use online leave manager app.

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