Public Holidays 2024

We have made the Public Holidays Index so that Worldwide companies that use the LeaveBoard HR Management platform to be able to import them with ease in their employees calendars.

The public holidays that are added on the platform are constantly updated, so that companies can plan with ease their employees time-off and vacations and be aware of the legislation announced by national or state governments.

With LeaveBoard you can see the public holidays for 2022, 2023 and of the future years, once they will be officially announced. These days provide to employees informations regarding festivals, commemorations or ceremonies associated with those days.

Employees that want to enjoy longer vacation can combine public holidays with weekends. The LeaveBoard platform will showcase such opportunities with much more ease and in the same time, you will be able to see who else from the team is out on the same day so that the workload is distributed equally.

If your company has an office in one of the countries that is not into this list of state or national public holidays, please contact us.