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LeaveBoard is an online Human Resources software designed to support the HR Department in delivering better work. Process automation reduces tedious activities, eases workforce management, and ensures access to data to staff.

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Automate processes to save precious time

Workforce management software empowers your employees, increases performance, and reduces compliance risks. Managing your employees in the cloud in a secure, scalable, and mobile way helps your business achieve success.

Human Resources Software Highlights

Leave management
Employee database and records
Self-service portal
HR reporting
Leave tracking for Slack
Core HR
Leave tracker
Cloud-based HR web-app
Team vacation calendars

Centralize your data, automate your processes

Access your workforce HR profiles in a unique location, organized, and well-structured. Now it is easy to filter, check the status, and see where things got stuck. It is all streamlined now. From managing schedules and tracking attendance to approving leaves and absences - productivity and results come better and faster. Also, employees can request time-off in a breeze.

Employee database

Streamlines leave procedures

Empower your managers and employees to make informed decisions using a smartphone or computer at any moment. In this way, you increase productivity, employee satisfaction, revenue, and decrease repetitive HR administrative tasks.

Digital HR Solutions

HR reporting software

LeaveBoard offers high-quality reports and analytics for your managers. The comprehensive analysis helps in managing your business efficiently daily. Monthly and annual leave tracking couldn't be easier.

Leave and HR Reporting Software

Regardless of size, we offer the right HR solutions for your company:

Create a unified and secure experience

When all the employee data is stored secured into one HR system, access to records is simplified. The web-based HR app reduces compliance risk and cuts repetitive tasks that take time. Through a smart permission engine, access is granted only to the right people. The system stores data in secure cloud servers with daily backups.

Employee portal

HR metrics dashboard

Gain access to insights to identify the state of your organization. Our software provides valuable insights across the workplace that can give to your business leaders real-time analysis.

HR Dashboard

Employee management system

LeaveBoard is not only about absences. It's also about people and their data, such as the employment date, role, or approval workflows. However to make things more accurate, think about allowances, access to contact details, and all of this centralized so that as an HR leader you can access accurate info securely, any time you need.

Employee management system

Fully customizable

Multiple PTO policies or leave types? You will love to create custom time-off policies that accrue automatically, and employees will love using the mobile app to send requests.

Online HR Software

Employees can start using the software instantly using the HR web-app. There is no need for training, since the software is self-serve. As HR manager you will have access to a set of company and employee configurations and process automations that will boost the productivity and business agility. Planning, scheduling, managing, tracking and monitoring will be very easy using LeaveBoard HR platform.


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  • 9 employees maximum
  • All feature access
  • Customer support

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  • $1.35/employee
  • 14 days trial
  • Free account setup

One of the best HR Software will make a difference within your company

It is easy to learn

Experience an improved process of requesting, tracking, and planning time off.

Will keep employees informed

Employees have clear access rights that limit access to sensitive data.

You will make better decisions

With accurate data, visibility across the workforce, delivering better and faster decisions is now possible.

It will have a business impact

Spend less time on leave management, planning, and more on growing the business.

Multiple automation

Drop administrative HR tasks across your business.

What are LeaveBoard’s HR Software benefits?

For HR Managers

  • Centralize employee information
  • Access structured employee data
  • Enhance human resource monitoring
  • Automate key HR tasks
  • Leave policies consistently applied
  • Access vital payroll data
  • Set up approval workflows
  • Onboard new employees
  • Define roles and permissions
  • Analyze HR reports
  • HR Solutions for HR Leaders

Do not just take our word for it

Schedule an interactive demo to see how the app works and discuss with us what are your expectations from Human Resource Software.

You do not need to buy hardware, operating systems, or new licenses. Your business will benefit from automated human resource software not just once but daily.

Flexible HR Management

  • Centralized data
  • Flexible configuration
  • Ensure compliance
  • Gain visibility and control

Simple web-based HR Software

  • Accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Free updates
  • Solid security and encryption

Great usability

  • Mobile user interface
  • Responsive technologies
  • Rapid end-user adoption
  • Intuitive self-service

Frequently asked questions:

What is HR Software?

HR Software consists of all the systems designed to support managing human capital in businesses of all sizes. You may find several acronyms describing this term: Core HR Systems, HRIS (Human Resources Information System), HRMS (Human Resources Management System), HCM Software (Human Capital Management Software).

How to implement the HR Software in your organization?

In our experience, there are four steps in delivering a successful HR software implementation. They are:

1 Book an interactive tour, discuss your HR and leave management needs, and highlight how LeaveBoard fits.

2 We will guide you through the account configuration phases and the details needed.

3 Import the data, i.e., Employee data, Vacation days, Birthdays, etc.

4 Start using the new HR software.

Do you offer any integrations?

Users will be able to authenticate with Google, Outlook, or Slack. Moreover, when they request an absence via the app or Slack, the HR System automatically updates your Google or Outlook calendars.

Automate your Human Resources Management with HR Software that your employees will enjoy.

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