The digital HR transformation is here: Discover its benefits and take action

Find out all you have to know about the digital HR transformation that will change your workplace. Establish your goals, choose reliable HR software, and become responsive, efficient, and happy. Digital transformation is here and it's part of your life whether you like or not. Discover its benefits and use technology to your advantage.

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Are you still working with piles of papers in a dusty and unfriendly environment? Do you need several days to respond to a leave request, find an employee’s file, or put together employment papers? If you answered Yes or No (but secretly thought Yes), it’s time for a digital HR transformation. Don’t worry; it sounds harder than it is.

A digital transformation means that many (if not all) of the things you were doing manually will be taken over by a computer and smart software. In other words, you’ll use technology to your advantage and allow automatic processes to release you from boring and repetitive tasks. Moreover, you’ll avoid human errors, reduce costs, and create an environmental-friendly HR department. Check out the most important benefits of enrolling in a digital HR transformation.

There is a reluctance to modernize. That’s natural as changing is hard, but there’s no alternative. Traditional HR methods are failing.

Brian Kropp - Group Vice President, Gartner Research & Advisory

The key benefits of digital HR transformation are:

Boost HR efficiency

It takes 5 seconds to apply for leave in LeaveBoard. Team managers are automatically notified and can instantly validate. Simplify your internal processes and boost communication. Track past employee activities to predict future outcomes.

Leave management

Access to HR insights

Once your team adds all the information in one accurate system, they can promptly take action and make strategic decisions.

HR Dashboards

Automate HR processes

By optimizing processes within your business, you can stay competitive and compliant. Digital HR facilitates HR professionals' work by streamlining management workflows.

HR system

Centralize employee data

Find employee data with ease. Eliminate clutter and paper archives. Employee databases offer a more effective way to deliver the information that you need when you need it. Data-driven strategies will become an essential point of competitive differentiation in every business.

Employee directory

Save time and money

It's time to cut manual work and reduce stress with administrative tasks. When your people use your time efficiently, they forget repetitive tasks and are more productive. Your payroll report will be ready in seconds. Moreover, there are indirect savings from using such solutions, i.e., generating quarterly reports or dealing with carry-forward activities.

HR reports

Gain better employee experience

By offering access to innovation to your people, you're increasing efficiency, agility, and productivity. Moreover, your staff will be more loyal, competitive, engaged and happy. They will focus on meaningful work and free up valuable time dedicated to ROI generating activities. Thanks to cloud-based apps, big data, process automation, smart integrations, and bots, the HR department can create an integrated employee experience to support their ongoing needs.

Employee portals

Slack Vacation bot

These six benefits of digital HR are straightforward and can be easily measured, and provide real value-added to any organization.

The digital transformation of the HR Department

The digital transformation changes the way the HR team works and how it interacts with the employees. At the same time, it changes the HR team itself. You’ll need new skills that match the digital revolution. You’ll need to move recruitment in the digital era too. You’ll need to continuously adapt to technology and innovation.

This change may require hiring new people in the HR Department or training the current staff. One of the biggest challenges is having the ability to lead digital projects, understand their features, and avoid their drawbacks. If the budget is low, you’ll need to manage the limitations of free HR software.

However, digital transformation is just the first step towards a digital way of life in the HR Department. Once you understand and implement it, you can benefit from all its advantages and new perspectives open up for you.

Key digital transformation trends in HR

The subject of human resources is going through constant change. It doesn't matter in what part of the world your company is located when a crisis like the Corona Outbreak happens, you need to be prepared. The best teams are the ones that are able to adapt themselves fast to the needs of a demanding organization, from talent, tools, and training. Here are some trends that we believe are interesting and relevant to companies like yours, and why we believe that the future is digital:

  • Digital workforce, digital workplace, and digital human resource;
  • Employee experience is the new path forward;
  • The HRtech of the future is intuitive, easy to use, and fast.

The future is digital: digital workforce, digital workplace, and digital human resources. Not only that the HR department needs to keep up with the changes but it has to help the company become digital as well. And things go far beyond using cloud-based applications and dedicated HR software.

In 2021, the major trends in digital HR transformation bring us more mobile apps and tailored software. Artificial intelligence finds a place in the HR department too. It is used to compute personnel patterns, analyze recruitment models, and increase turnover and performance. In 2021, more than ever, things need to be done fast, remote, and efficient.

It’s all about employees’ work experience and how to improve their drive and work satisfaction. Digital tools are used to empower the employees and give them access to their documents and situations. People need transparent and responsive systems. They want to grow and learn fair evaluation systems, and motivating rewards. This requires a smooth and agile process and an expert HR team. Digital transformation changes the core structure of the HR team: HR experts and seniors are much needed.

Discover the software that will change your perspective

For an efficient and transparent digital HR transformation, you need to choose reliable HR software. You have plenty of products to choose from. Some are free, some aren’t. Some are dedicated to a specific type of business or geographical region; others are more general and can be used worldwide. Take an informed decision. Consider your budget, digital experience, and IT resources, number of employees, company’s culture, and business profile. Check out with your peers and see what software they prefer. Don’t forget you need to comply with labor legislation in your area and HR software may help you with this too.

“Transformation is underpinned by a digital mindset that is a unique interplay of technology, people, and process, and technology can also be used to vastly improve HR processes for employees and managers, resulting in a snowball effect of positivity and paving the way for even greater digital transformation within a business”

Ingrid Jenkins - HR Director, Microsoft Australia

Introducing LeaveBoard

LeaveBoard is one of the best HR software for small businesses. It’s free up to nine employees and can be used worldwide. LeaveBoard is a cloud-based application you can access from anywhere and doesn’t need installation or storage space. It’s perfect to begin your digital HR transformation.

In a single app, LeaveBoard provides employee directory and records, leave management, employee self-service, absence tracking, and reports. You can customize it according to your business profile and you’ll receive tailored reports. Managing time-off will no longer be a struggle. LeaveBoard gives you time for complex and interesting tasks.

7 steps towards digital transformation in HR within your business

Once you understand the importance of digital transformation in your company, how should you apply it from a human resource management point of view? Well, find below a 7-step action plan to accelerate the transition towards a digital workplace:

  1. Define your goals and expectations;
  2. Involve the entire HR team and discover together what you need to achieve your goals;
  3. Evaluate your budget and time schedule;
  4. Choose the best HR software for your department;
  5. Implement digital systems and train your staff accordingly;
  6. Change your organization model and involve people in the new digital experience. Training people to use employee self-service should be fun and engaging;
  7. Keep an eye on technology. Things change rapidly and innovation should be part of your long-term strategy.

HR Digital Transformation Goals

Using technology is no longer a personal decision; it’s a business requirement. Your company can’t survive without technology. Clients and employees may require digital contracts, electronic signature, online payments, or remote access to their documents. You may need to provide digital documents to your local authorities or reduce plastic and use it to comply with environmental legislation.

A digital HR transformation is the first step towards a digital business. Define clear goals and involve the entire department. Moreover, involve employees too. Employee self-service gives them control over their leave balance, access to their personal data, and awareness of their paid time-off and task planning. Employee self-service empowers employees and frees the HR team of repetitive tasks.

Keep in mind that a quick and easy transition needs the right software. Try free HR software until you know what suits your company’s needs. Then make an informed decision, train your team well, and have fun in the process.


Technology is here to help you. Whether you want a digital HR transformation by choice or forced by the business environment, remember that digitalization doesn’t have to be a rough process. Establish your goals and follow them step by step. Engage the entire team and transform the process into a connecting and growing experience. HR software can relieve you from stress, messy tasks, and dusting your office. Try one that's free and easy to use, like LeaveBoard, and discover the power and beauty of technology.

Accelerate the digital transformation within your organization and succeed in the remote world.

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