HR Software For Remote Teams

Managing distance employees is challenging. Remote workers get sick, and they need to take some time off also. Step forward in successfully running your company with easy to use HR tools.

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Designed to help your employees be more effective

Times have dramatically changed, and remote workers seem to become the rule rather than the exception. You may feel that an entire organization working from home can cause chaos, result in miscommunication or lack of transparency, but here are some great benefits of using simple tools to help you manage a remote workforce:

  • Increased productivity
  • Less stress for the employees
  • Improved work-life balance
  • Cost-effective when compared to working from an office- reduced expenses with utilities, office rental, and parking services.

Work From Home Tracker

More and more companies, especially the knowledge economy ones, understand that Work from Home (WFH) is not just a temporary option, but one to stay after the Covid pandemic. To ensure business continuity, it's essential to know who is out, who is working from home, and the spreadsheet options are ineffective.

Remote working is a new reality, and WFH attendance needs to be tracked efficiently. Tools such as online WFH request forms, WFH calendars, and WFH reports facilitate a smother collaboration across geographies timezones and help deliver projects in time without frustrations.

Remote employee management

Regarless of where your employees are working from, thecombined effort to help your people to give their best every day and keep them motivated, is important for the success of your organization.

The HR software for remote working offers a set of automated solutions, to achieve more with less.

  • Smart HR process validation
  • Employee allowance management
  • Custom access levels

Remote HR reporting software

Employee data is the blood of modern business. Are you leveraging this resource?

Online solutions to manage workers remotely provide the reporting tools to gain insights about your people, spot absenteeism and more.

  • People analytics
  • Monthly vacation and sick leave reports
  • Know who will be off anytime

Awesome Booking Experience

Managing remote employees does not have to mean lost time with booking, or tracking time off. Use our tool to know who is in the office, who is off, and for how long. We call it leave tracking at its best!

Everything you need to get started

Inspire the right culture for your employees even when working remotely. Here are the features you will enjoy at LeaveBoard:

Awesome leave management

We track any leave of absence: Paid Time Off, Vacation, Sick leave, Time off in Lieu, etc. Time-off requests go through the approval flow you decide to set up. One supervisor or more can oversee the approvals.

Employee Self-Service

All your employees benefit from an employee portal, with key information: personal data and a balance of their time off. Your people can access the self-service to review any information available on the portal.

Built for the Cloud

LeaveBoard is cloud-based. It can be accessed anytime, anywhere, from your favorite device. Daily tasks are easier, plus you always have up-to-date information.. All secure and encrypted.

Slack, plus other essential integrations

LeaveBoard makes it easy to streamline your HR workflow with Slack. Employees can book time off, managers can approve it, and everyone can check using Slack the team calendar.

  • Simple approval flows
  • Instant notifications
  • Integrated with Google/Outlook Calendar
  • Employee records instantly updated

Differentiation when it comes to employee experiences

Remote work does not have to be a burden! Start using LeaveBoard right now. A singular source for your key employee data. LeaveBoard is the right choice for managing remote teams. Heavily automated, user-friendly, and is extremely easy to set up as it runs in the cloud!

Automate your Human Resources Management with the HR Software for a remote business that your team will enjoy.

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