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The Human Resources Dashboard is an essential analytics tool designed to help you manage your staff. It’s key if you want to make better decisions, act for the success of your organization, and motivate your team.

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If you are confused about what an HR Dashboard is, have a look at this article. You will learn all there is to know: how to create an HR dashboard, what to add to it, how to make it efficient, what HR data should it contain, and many more. Your HR staff will be glad to have a digital helping hand, your managers will be able to focus on more pressing matters than administrative repetitive tasks, and your employees will appreciate a dashboard with all their personal info and leaves.

Our Human Resources Dashboard will take you to the next level: don’t only manage people, but do it in a way that engages them every single day, because, in the end, people are the heart of every successful business. It’s a great way to improve your organization.

Curious what LeaveBoard has prepared for you? Take a look!

HR Metrics Dashboard

HR reporting and HR metrics will no longer be painful to think about. At LeaveBoard, we do more than just collect data. We put it in a larger, more complex story, which allows you and your organization to analyze key metrics.

Frequently asked questions:

What is an HR Dashboard and why do we need it?

The modern HR departments are more and more driven by data, reports, and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) because this is key to productivity, reduced admin time, effective recruitment, retention, and more.

If you feel overwhelmed by analytics and boring data, looking at an HR dashboard could be the answer. The visualization of essential info can make the difference not only for the HR department but also for executives, the CEO, and even employees.

You’re in luck! LeaveBoard provides the perfect HR dashboard!

HR dashboards combine in one complex place employee data in a significant way and are designed to increase everyone’s productivity within the HR staff and the whole organization.

What are the dashboards available on LeaveBoard?

The HR Dashboard offered by LeaveBoard is the solution that facilitates the process of decision making about the workforce in your organization. By using core HR data arranged in an easy to follow, managers, supervisors, and the HR team can see assorted metrics at a glance. All these reports will take your company a step closer to success.

1. The HR employee dashboard

The homepage can be considered as a key dashboard and it offers information regarding who is off today and in the next few days, when the next public holidays will take place, and your balance of leaves beside the leaves that you need to approve. And it is an HR app dashboard works great on mobile phones also. Note that it changes according to user access and permissions dynamically.

2. Workforce analytics

Gain a glimpse about the future of Dashboards with LeaveBoard. Our developers released an workforce analytics dashboard, where you will be able to discover key company data about your human resources: headcount, new hires, the average age of staff, length in service or headcount by teams & offices, headcount by age range.

3. Attendance and leave of absence analysis

Get an overview of the employee attendance at any time with the HR reporting dashboard. Master the employee vacation and sick leaves balance. Sort and filter to have a focused perpective about absenteeism and understand how to prevent burnout.

What should you do to ensure the HR dashboard is helpful?

Make sure it is regularly updated with real info, so the dashboard remains a relevant resource for you and for your company. Also, the data needs to be checked for errors as much as possible.

The HR Dashboard has different levels of information and access, depending on who is accessing it.

So we offer three types of dashboards for administrators, for supervisors, and for employees.

As you might expect, the administrator has the highest level of access, being able to oversee the time-off booked by every employee, the vacation calendar, and many more using the time off management system. A supervisor will be able to approve time-off requests for their team and have a clear view of who is off and when.

Finally, the employee has his own dashboard, which allows him to plan time-off, see a balance of all taken leaves, and upcoming public holidays.

Do you think there is a core employee data that you believe the LeaveBoard dashboards are missing? Please do let us know. We’re keen to discover how we can help you as an HR Pro or Line Manager to succeed, and have a competitive advantage using essential data from your human capital.

What is HR data?

When it comes to HR data, this is practically the information that comes from the profile of an employee. Informations such as the date of birth, the date on employment, or the annual leave summary are part of the workforce analytics. Moreover, the headcount, the number of employees per department or office, absenteeism are practical HR insights that distances HR leaders from the ones that are keen on the best practices vs the laggers that are not considering the power of HR analytics to improve employee performance and employee retention.

How to customize your dashboard?

Use the HR Reporting feature to obtain tailored made analytics for your department, or for a specific subset of employees. And once you have the data that you are looking for, you can download it in Excel format and then manipulate it further - think about charts, pies, and line bars. All the data that takes hours to put together and update - you have it available in front of your eyes, updated automatically, and available instantly.

All in all, an HR Dashboard doesn’t have to be seen as something complicated, it’s a very useful tool for managing, overseeing, and understanding team dynamics.

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