Leave Management App

Today, HR work happens away from the desk. It could be in the metro, at a meeting with a colleague, or from your home during the weekend. Your HR system needs to be available when you need it most.

Manage absences and leaves effectively on the move

The workforce will be able to check their time off balances, request PTO or sick leave, and get approved in an instance. Your staff will be able to use the essential HR tool remotely or on the go to:

Discover the Leave Management System

The benefits of a leave management app:

  • Empower your employees to work anywhere
  • Allow managers to accept requests quickly and on the go
  • Ensure continuity and engagement
  • Access vital employee data wherever you are
  • Collaborate on HR tasks on the move
  • Ensure transparency among your employees
  • It saves time and, reduce paperwork
  • Planning, tracking, and booking leaves.

Send a sick-leave request on the spot

Feeling sick and don't feel like calling the secretary and the manager to inform you that you're not coming to the office? Just submit a request from your iPhone, and you're covered. In this way, time off tracking couldn't get easier. PS: You don't need to install any app. Just use your mobile browser.

Productivity on the go

LeaveBoard is the mobile HR system optimized for your device of choice. From smartphones to tablets to laptops, desktop computers, and Macs, it works seemingly. Using responsive design, HTML5 markup language, you can connect to the HR manager at any moment. The app has a responsive design and intuitive user interfaces and doesn't need training. Using LeaveBoard adds to day-to-day productivity.

Mobile HR App Highlights

Leave management
Employee database and records
Self-service portal
HR reporting
HR dashboards
Core HR
HR snalytics
Cloud-based HR web-app
Team vacation calendars

Unlimited opportunities in one app

All the functionality that the LeaveBoard platform provides now on mobile:

  • Employee Self-service - Waiting at the supermarket line when you realized that you didn't book your long weekend vacation? No problem. You and your employees can quickly take action and move on to what's next.
  • Company directory - Your HR and managers have access to essential workforce insights at the tap of a button.
  • Approval flows - Delegating the approval of absences and solving them on the go.
  • Vacations calendar - Need to know who is at the office today? The calendar helps in making visibility a priority.
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Conquer the day

Rather than digging through spreadsheets and cabinets - have all the data accessible at your fingertips.

In this way, managers and HR can focus on the activities that contribute to the outcomes.

When your workforce has access to information anytime, they feel valued and engaged. Additionally, your business gets better results and more satisfied employees.

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