Why LeaveBoard?

LeaveBoard helps small and medium companies gain competitive advantage by centralizing employee data, automating administrative tasks, and streamlining HR operations.

Purchasing an HR software is a big decision. We have assembled some principal elements in helping you make the right decision.

Empowering your people

Employees are the most valuable resource for any company.

The way we work today has changed drastically with innovative technologies and behaviors. Employees' expectations are also changing. They want to be informed, do a better job, and have access to novel technologies.

  • Fast - Access your functionalities instantly.
  • Simple - Workforce management with just a few clicks.
  • Flexible - Always adapts to your company's needs.

Super easy to use. Reduce repetitive tasks. Keep track of leave allowances, schedule leaves of absence, monitor sick leave, paternal leave, compassionate leave, and availability among team members.

Transform your HR experience

HR starts with your people, not spreadsheets, not paper files, not software.

LeaveBoard is the bridge between your employees and splendid work. Designed for employees across any business sector, LeaveBoard is affordable and cuts HR admin time by up to 65% so that you have more time to focus on engagement, training, and culture.

Used by small business and startups worldwide

LeaveBoard works for SMBs ranging from 5 to 250 employees. We help companies grow from just a few employees to hundreds, and we are focused on finding solutions to the challenges they faced.

Streamline Core HR Operations and Processes

Using Excel spreadsheets to manage your people is not a solution any longer.

When accuracy and sharpness are needed - you need to take a different approach. Your workforce can be more productive when they have access to the right tools.

  • Employee and Manager self-service
  • HR Reports and analytics
  • Employee records and directory
  • Leave management, tracking, and planning

A fast and clear implementation process

Switching to cloud HR management sounds challenging; however, it does not have to.

Our dedicated success managers will be your contact point and ensure a smooth transition towards centralized and automated processes.

"How can we optimize our HR activities?

From centralizing employee data in one secure place to intuitive absence booking, to clean HR reports, novel self-service, and smart integrations, LeaveBoard automates, and simplifies. And it just works.

How to get started?

We made it simple for any business to get up and running. Setting your account takes minutes and is free.

You do not need any training. It is like Trello, you make an account, and start using it.

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