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Become masters of employee data. Save time by centralizing employee HR records into one secure place. Forget about spreadsheets and cabinets and say hello to People Management.
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Simple employee management

All employees HR profiles in one single location, organized in a neat structure. Now it’s easy to filter, easy to spot the status and easy to see where things got stuck. This equals to less time doing paperwork and much more time focusing on people.

Extremely fast search

Smart and uber fast employee directory search. Make any of your employee data searchable. The HR app helps to locate the people based on what teams, offices they work on.

Accurate employee profiles and records

For every employee, you have a personal file, this time in the cloud. The employee profile stores the work details, the time off balance, and a history of leaves. Everything gets easier, centralized and more accessible.

Custom access levels

The Core HR module allows customizing permission levels across your employees. From administrators to managers and employees.

Personalize working time patterns

One extra benefit of using the HR manager is that you will be able to setup different contractual working periods. Setting the working week from Saturday to Thursday or switch it back to Monday to Friday is easy (e.g. part-time workers or contractors).

Manage employee allowance

None of the employees are the same. However, from time to time, you might need to add one extra day to a colleague. Using the HR solution's employee directory, you can make this change easily.

The Employee Database and Records Solution helps to:

  • Centralize employee data
  • Keep records accurate
  • Retain a full history of employee inputs
  • Structure your workforce
  • Find essential HR data in seconds
  • Stay up to date on your employment issues

Modular and scalable to help your business grow

Add employees, teams, offices and new modules when you need them. Your Sales, Marketing, and Development human capital get in sync, aligned and effective. The employee-centric management system makes HR tasks easy. All you need to know about your teams are available in one secure place: bios, contacts, managers, absences, and allowances.

Setup offices

Growing a company is difficult. Coordinating your teams across multiple locations including offices abroad is hard. LeaveBoard makes it easy. It is helping you to focus on growing rather than fixing administrative issues.

Automatically display public holidays

Want to stay compliant? Import or setup public holidays for your geography to enable accurate PTO calculation.

Improve operational productivity

By removing inefficient processes, from now on you and your people will be able to access the central hub for employee information and records.

Simple employee onboarding

Once you add the name and the email your new employee, she can start using the leave management system.

Accessible anytime

You will be able to track updated employee records from anywhere when you need them.

HR Software That Works

Employees are the core of any business. Human Capital data centralization is utmost important for a successful business.

Easy to use

Forget about searching in sheets and folders for team members contacts and allowance.

Centralized employee data

All employees HR profiles in one single location, organized in a neat structure.

Reduced admin time

If you have all the data in one place, it takes less time also to find the data you are looking for. Getting a new employee onboard in 30 seconds.

Automate your Human Resources Management with the time off solution that your employees will enjoy.

Easy set-up ● No contracts required ● No credit cards