Control the flow of human capital data

Using our HR Software, employees have clear access rights that limit access to sensitive data.

Customize permissions

With LeaveBoard you can set up different levels of visibility. In this way, you share only what is needed with who needs to know.

Access controls

If you get administrative questions about HR, after implementing the software you will no longer have such challenges. Your employees will have access to the data needed so that they can perform their work with ease.

Ensure confidentiality

Efficient data management should not be hard. Three levels of access are sufficient to differentiate who sees what. In this way, you balance confidentiality with transparency. 

Simple and constantly evolving

As your organization grows, the access levels of your employees are changing, and they adapt to the new structure. We keep things simple for you, although the algorithms behind are complex. 

Not just for you. For each one of your employees

Each account will be different, providing the information needed, and restricting access to confidential data. Only the right people will receive reminders about their task, at the right moment.
Employee portal.

Secure, online access!

Each of your employees will receive one secure account. They can view their employee data online, anytime!

Easy set-up ● No contracts required ● No credit cards