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Smart reports to track leave status, employee absences and make informed HR decisions.
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HR Analytics

Visualize key HR data and gain valuable insights into your business. LeaveBoard provides access to human capital analytics to run your business efficiently, so your managers will be able to make the best decisions about issues that probably have slipped their minds so far.

The HR reporting software helps to:

  • Access centralized workforce data in one view
  • Leverage valuable day-to-day critical insights
  • Gain knowledge into emerging trends
  • Take fast, proactive action
  • Plan growth based on labor patterns
  • Stay up to date on your employment issues

Access Human Resource Metrics

Get an overview of annual leaves allowances, the balance of time off taken monthly and remaining with the HR reporting software.

  • PTO
  • Sick leaves
  • Unpaid
  • Custom leave types

Tailored HR Reports

With a few clicks, you can generate a valuable custom HR report to make better decisions regarding hiring, promotion or planning.

Filter and focus

The powerful filtering tool makes it easy to gain insights into the company workforce. It's ultra fast and super accurate. Need to focus on a particular user, or type of leave? With LeaveBoard it's possible, whenever you need to.

Real-time HR data

The dynamic reports allow you to analyze up-to-date vacation, sick or other types of leave that have been taken in a given month. Make this report as exhaustive as you want.

Sick leave reporting

Tracking sick leave across the entire company helps to spot trends and identify absenteeism.

Employee attendance tracker New

Need to know exactly who and how many hours have each of your employees worked monthly? Or need to know how many days of PTO or Sick Leave have been booked? It's easy now with LeaveBoard.

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  • Visually see who is off and when
  • Always updated
  • Highly customisable
  • Track your employees' absences

Extra reporting functionality to drive impact

Time off reports

Get an overview of the time off taken, the allowances, and the amount remaining.

Monthly leave reports

Track all the absences that happened in the last month.

Leave reporting for payroll

Access a detailed list of payroll data across the company.

Tailored reporting

Design with ease a report tailored for your business.

XLS downloads

Export the data into an editable XLS.

Powerful filters

Need to focus on a particular employee or team? No problem.

Say hello to accurate reporting

Make informed decisions with powerful HR insights. Tracking HR data has never been easier!

Download XLS time off reports

You can export the leave data in a variety of formats and pass it to payroll, accountancy, HR or team leaders. Your employee data will be ready for bookkeeping in seconds.

Better decisions

The HR software helps supervisors and analysts to make better leave management decisions. Workforce data is available and available for information, planning, analysis, and reporting. No more business disruption, overtime or staffing issues.

Valuable business insights - when you need them

Discover the hidden value of your workforce with adequate tools that help spot labor patterns, trends and outliers.

Automate your Human Resources Management with the Accurate HR Reporting Software that your managers will enjoy.

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