Leave tracker

LeaveBoard is a cloud-based leave tracking (PTO, Vacation, Sick, etc.) software designed to offer tools for managing your staff absences efficiently. Aside from leave management, calendar synchronizations, approval flows, leave reports, employee database, and records, you will have core HR tools for your small and medium business to succeed.

What are the benefits of Leave Tracking Software?

1 Prevent pay errors

2 Submit vacation requests and get approval with just a few clicks

3 Delegate leave approvals to team managers and prevent micromanaging

4 Always know how many vacation days you have left

5 Identify potential attendance issues as a manager

6 Go paperless by using an online tracking tool

7 Monitor vacation days for each employee

8 Make better planning, hiring, and scheduling decisions

9 Boost employee morale and productivity

10 Automate repetitive processes and cut costs

Empowered workforce

The leave tracking software empowers your staff to make better decisions faster and more effectively. Instead of dealing manually with multiple admin tasks, allow your employees to self-administer.

Vacation Tracking Software

The leave tracker app keeps your business on track. This tracking software supplies a leave log on PTO, sick leaves, vacation, and holidays. Now you can track who is away and when.

  • Employee Leave tracking
  • Team PTO tracking
  • Sick leave tracking
  • Holiday tracking

Employee leave tracking software

The PTO calendar is a digital representation of the evolution of your work. It will be amazingly easy to answer questions such as "When did I took my last vacation?" since all your vacations are available in the yearly calendar.

Annual leave tracking

Simple yet powerful tracking of your staff PTO, vacations, sick leaves, holidays, remote work, and other leave types. How can the app manage all these? The employees record their absences, and the software does the rest.

The PTO tracker that synchronizes with your calendar

Google, Microsoft, Apple, .ICS feeds.

Integrate with Google and Office 365 in seconds without leaving your leave tracking app. Additionally, you can use the .ICS feed available from the integrations tab. This way, the scheduled time-off and holidays are added to your Apple iCal or calendar app of choice.

  • Google Calendar
  • Apple iCal
  • Microsoft Outlook Calendar
  • Calendar of choice

Features of the Employee Leave Tracker

Online leave requests

Employees can request leaves of absence online.

Employee Self Service

Give your employees access to simple software for managing absences.

Employee database

Manage the leave allotments for your employees with just a few clicks and no frustration.

Employee profile

All your employees can log in to the personal site to check the time-off balance.

Leave reports

Access monthly and yearly reports for each of your employees, teams, and offices.

Automatic accruals

Ditch spreadsheets and enjoy a novel digital HR experience.

Instant email notifications

Receive an email notification as soon as a request is added or approved.

Vacation calendar

Your employees will know who is off and when.

Simple approval flow

For each employee, you can choose the supervisor.

Why do I need the leave tracker?

Here are few extra benefits of using the employee leave tracking software:

Better vacation planning

Once you know your PTO quota and when your colleagues are sick or absent, it will be easy for you to book your next vacation.

Choose your paid-time-off tracker wisely.

Better leave management decisions

The HR software helps supervisors and analysts to make better leave management decisions. Since employee annual leave records are transparent, they are more valuable. They help with planning, analysis, and reporting: no more business disruption, overtime, or staffing issues.

Leave log

You, your HR staff, and your employees will know who is in the office and when. The attendance tracking will be available when you need it. The cloud-based software helps with audits too.

Do not just take our word for it

Schedule an interactive demo to see the app at work, and let us talk about your expectations from a Leave Tracker App.

Frequently asked questions:

What types of leaves can the LeaveBoard software track?

LeaveBoard allows companies to set up in their company's account as many leave types as they need.

Can I customize the leave allowance for the employees?

Since every employee is different from a contractual and professional perspective, the software allows you to personalize each of your employees' yearly leave allowance individually.

Does the software work with yearly accruals?

Yes, companies can set up yearly accruals in their leave types. Learn more within the annual leave management software page.

What about the annual carry-over?

Our software allows HR to manage leave carry-overs for each type of leave at the end of the year. The software also allows companies to set up a maximum amount of carry-over days.

What about roles and permissions?

The leave tracking software has three levels of access to limit access to sensitive data and set up diverse levels of visibility so that you balance confidentiality with transparency.

How to keep track of employee time off?

Using leave tracking software, you will be able to easily follow and monitor time-off or leave of absence requests and balances. LeaveBoard takes care of repetitive tasks so you can focus on adding value to your employees.

We have multiple locations and teams. How does your software deal with this?

The leave tracking solution is part of our HR software that centralizes employees into a directory structured in teams and locations. For each office, you can set up different public/federal holidays. When you run reports, plan leaves, or search for employee records, you can easily filter per the desired location.

Can I download XLS reports with the tracked leaves?

Our leave tracking system has a reliable reporting engine that allows for filtering and downloading XLSX, and CSV reports for monthly and yearly leaves.

We are currently using spreadsheets to track leaves. Can you help us with the transition?

Supporting customers in their transition towards novel HR experiences comes for free. Please schedule an interactive tour where our business developers will advise on the data needed to ease the account setup and the next steps.

Do you offer any integrations?

Users will be able to authenticate with Google, Outlook, or Slack. Moreover, when they request an absence via the app or Slack, the system will automatically update your Google or Outlook calendars.

What differentiates your software from other leave tracking solutions?

We like to say that ease of use, constant improvement, focus on employees, and collaboration with our clients make us different. We have a price edge as well.

What is the price of the software?

Our solution works as a Software as a Service in the cloud. By shifting to SaaS, you will cut the hurdle of downloads, installations, back-ups, and maintenance. This way, you will reduce the operating costs at a minimum. The price is $1.35/employee monthly. We offer a two-week trial period and help companies with onboarding.

I still have questions about your solution. How can I reach you?

We recommend reaching sales support. Our experts would like to hear from you and supply the right solution for your Human Resource needs.

Automate your HR management with the leave tracking app that your employees will enjoy.

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