HR and Leave Management System

Cloud-based HR tools to track employee time-off (like vacations, personal time off, and leaves of absence), centralize workforce data, empower employees, and get accurate reports. Start saving time on employee management.

Leave Management

We have automated leave tracking. Experience simple employee time-off booking. Get instant workflow notifications.

Vacation management becomes straightforward when you have instant access to the time-off allowance, a self-service portal, and a central team calendar. Get a complete picture with the vacation tracker and the who's off calendar for your employees' and company's HR needs.

Multiple PTO policies or leave types? Create custom time-off policies that accrue automatically. Employees will enjoy using the mobile app to send vacation requests.

As a manager with the HR dashboard, team calendars, and reports, you can monitor sick leaves and absences.

Leave Management System

Employee Self-Service

Empower your employees and managers

Allow your workforce to take the reigns - both employees and managers, and give HR admins more time to focus on strategic initiatives.

Your employees are empowered to book and manage their time-off quickly, allowing you to focus on HR issues that require your undivided attention.

Administration can overpower your workforce. Give your team the HR software they need. Delegate team leaders to approve their own team's time-off and drive your business forward. Turn your HR department into a successful asset.

Employee Self-Service Software

Employee Database

Centralize employee data

Become masters of employee data. Save time by centralizing employee HR records into one secure place. Cut the spreadsheets and cabinets, say hello to People Management.

By removing inefficient processes, you and your employees can access the central hub for employee records. Centralize your workforce according to the organizational chart of your business. Structuring your people on teams and offices is effortless.

Are you looking for crucial HR data about a specific employee? In a few clicks, you can get complete, accurate, secure, and searchable employee records.

Employee Directory and Records

Accurate HR Reports

Valuable business insights into your workforce - when you need them

The smart reports offer instant transparency about employee attendance and help to make informed HR decisions. With a few clicks, you can generate a valuable tailored HR report to make better hiring, promotion, or planning decisions.

Get an overview of annual leave allowances, the balance of time-off taken, and instantly remain with the HR reporting software. Tracking sick leave across the entire company helps you spot trends and identify absenteeism.

You can export the leave data in various formats and pass it to payroll, accountancy, HR, or team leaders. Your employee data will be ready for bookkeeping in seconds.

HR reporting app

Employee Attendance Tracking

Easy to use online attendance tracking software

Drop the tedious and repetitive tasks from your company with employee attendance tracking software. Accelerate the way you manage people with easy-to-use software that supplies delightful employee experiences.

  • Know who is off and when
  • See the vacation calendar of your team
  • Public holidays and custom work schedules
Employee attendance tracker

Employee Management Software

Best online people management software for small business

LeaveBoard is a cloud HR software - designed to solve your HR challenges and help you manage your employees. It automates the workforce processes so that you and your employees can focus on growing your business.

The flexible HR system suits the demands of startups and fast-growing businesses by streamlining processes. By empowering employees, they make better decisions based on accurate data.

The staff will access work-related details, manage leave, and gain insights into their team. The software runs on any mobile device, anytime, anywhere.

Employee management

Slack Integration

Book time-off directly in your Slack channel

The LeaveBoard HR App integrates with Slack allowing you to book sick leaves and vacations directly from your favorite tool.

Approve requests and access the necessary details about your team directly from Slack.

Access the time-off management software directly from Slack with the /lb command. Your team members will book PTO, and managers will receive notifications about the request and quickly approve it. Knowing who is off this week will keep your team aligned and more productive.

Slack Vacation Tracking

Why LeaveBoard?

No more paperwork and spreadsheets. LeaveBoard aligns with your company's policies, procedures and drives performance in your company.
Save time and money
Automate the HR process
Increases employee satisfaction
Transform your HR administration
Reduce company risk
Affordable pricing with no surprises

More HR Software Perks

Simple setup

There is nothing to install, just a simple step-by-step setup to enjoy automation in your business.

No training needed

Getting started with the HR software is easy. You get immediate access to all the system features, and you don't need to pay anything.

Stellar support

Do you have any questions? We have answers. We want you and your team to succeed when it comes to HR management.


LeaveBoard makes leave management super easy. The HR solution consists of a set of utilities in one place: self-service, booking leaves, managing requests, plus calendars, reports, and employee data. The tool helps my internal teamwork efficiently.
Arthur Simoncini, CEO, Foundation Group

The introduction of LeaveBoard optimized greatly Mark1 administrative and HR activities. The Slack implementation was smooth, and the adoption was immediate. The support team onboarded us quickly with great feedback on all our questions.
Sarah Mann, HR Manager, Mark1

LeaveBoard has changed how we deal with HR. The time-off manager makes booking and leave tracking so much easier and more fun to use. Using the platform, we consolidated all employee data. The interface is so intuitive - employees just get it.
Josh Klein, Vox Technologies

Used by small and medium business worldwide

Automate your Employee management and Absence tracking with Cloud-based HR software that your employees will enjoy.

Easy setup ● No contracts required ● No credit cards