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Employee self-service

Staff can now request time-off, leaves vacancies or sick days with ease. Managers receive instant notifications about the leave requests. Gain insights regarding the upcoming time-off requests in your company.

Easy to use by anyone. Employees can make an absence request with 3 clicks:
1. Selecting the type of leave
2. Selecting the period
3. Registering the request

The magic of the tool comes with an instant status of the remaining allowance and overlaps with other team members.

After the request was introduced, the manager receives a notification to accept the request. Managers are able to add requests on behalf of employees.

Employee Self Service

Smart calendars

One calendar to show days off for your teams

Our online calendars provide an overview of the availability of the team members. They are updated instantly and will appear in both the employee and the team calendars. The feature is available for both managers and employees. The calendar is updated in real-time and includes public holidays and the leaves of the employees.

Employee Calendar

A product designed to manage and plan staff leaves.

LeaveBoard helps you to manage your workforce leaves simply and confidently while running your business efficiently

LeaveBoard Suite

Staff leave management is a complex liability!

Leaveboard makes leave tracking super easy while you
  • Simply book your leaves or absences and managers will review and approve your submissions
  • Keep the leave policies consistent for your workforce
  • Request history is kept to avoid human error or confusion
  • Have access to your leave balance, and transparent information across the different teams and geographies

Managing leaves and absences is complex, time-consuming, and a major liability for most businesses.

Supervisors lack visibility into time off schedules and balances, making it difficult to ensure adequate staffing; while employees don’t have an easy way to request time off and view their balances, putting a burden on the Human Resources department.

With LeaveBoard you can forget about the complexities of dealing with multiple complex employee agreements while reducing miscalculations and paperwork. This means less administrative burden in HR & Payroll.

20 - 30% payroll errors. Eliminated!

Managing employee leaves can be challenging because:
  • The administration of multiple leaves types and multiple employees leave agreements is time-consuming and challenging for HR and Payroll
  • Massive leaves within the company create continuity challenges within the enterprise and for the team managers
  • The workforce is located across multiple locations and sometimes remotely

How you handle employee absences matters
  • With traditional means it’s difficult to track usage, employee balances at the end of a calendar year reset
  • Across different teams it’s difficult to keep consistent leave and absence policies
  • Complex to manage labor law compliance regarding employee leaves
  • Without centralized data, compiling payroll reports is difficult
  • 20-30% of the payroll errors are caused by manual process of various files

20% time wasted. Forget about unnecessary work with LeaveBoard!

HR and Payroll employees will focus on value-added activities from now on and forget about tasks that do not produce any benefit for their efforts.

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Keeping up with administrative tasks across the company is challenging:
  • Companies grow and being able to deal with new employees agreements is challenging
  • In companies with headquarters across different geographies, keeping up with compliance is very time-consuming.
  • The law rules are constantly updating, and keeping up with them is not easy
  • Creating personalized reports across periods, teams is difficult without a custom software

With LeaveBoard you can execute your workforce time-off policies with ease. Additionally you benefit of complete visibility into your company with the help of the employee directory, staff leaves manager and team calendars trough an innovative HR application. Gain real-time insights into time off usage, balance, and liability data to make informed decisions.

25+ Features

LeaveBoard offers more than 25 features to help you simply manage the workforce attendance while reducing administrative overhead time and money.

For employees and supervisors
Intelligent request agent

• Simple leaves booking
• Employee self-service
• Simple approval system
• Instant allowance status
• Upload medical certificates
• Overlap alerts
• Smart notifications
• Automatic reminders

A simple to use visual interface

• Full leave history
• Color coded monthly / yearly calendars
• Transparent team calendar

Mobile accessibility

• Cloud-based secure solution
• State of art technology that runs incredibly fast
• Compliant with data protection laws

Intuitive workforce management

• Multiple teams calendars
• Solid reporting and analytics
• PDF, XLS reports

For managers, payroll and HR specialists
Custom absence policy

• Simple management of multiple employee agreements
• Track multiple policy types
• Labour law compliance
• Automatic bank holidays added in workforce calendars
• Multi-location
• Leaves policy enforcement

Centralized employee data directory

• Easy to add, import or access new employees profiles
• Audit the situation of any employee easily
• Access the balance information in clicks
• Reduces administrative burden

Smart HR management software

• Automatic entitlement tracking and calculation
• Simplified management of balance
• Multiple teams
• Simple employee leaves management
• Solid reporting and analytics
• Multilingual
• Fast and easy onboarding

Powerful team calendar

• Excellent way to visualize what will happen in your company
• Planning staff leaves will be much easier
• Helps on getting the work done in time.


What do our clients say?

This cloud application for leave and planning management is so beneficial for our company. Certainly we will not return to excel tables because we saved enormous amounts of time due to the practical functionality of this intuitive HR solution. Thank you LeaveBoard for your support.

Vlad Brasoveanu – KumoMotors

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