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Eliminate the boring and repetitive tasks from your company with a modern online attendance tracking app. You will track the general attendance of each of your employees in real-time in a very easy way.

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Employee attendance app

Become a pro. Either on the move from a smartphone or from your office, you can access the online attendance tracking system to have a bird's eye view across your company.

Attendance visibility

Allow your employees to take control of their presence or upcoming absences trough the software. In this way, you will save precious hours by reducing repetitive workloads.

Monthly employee attendance tracker

The feedback that we receive from our customers is that the attendance tracker is a visual way to analyze the productivity of staff and the availability at work. The monthly attendance sheet is always updated and available to consult.

  • Visually see who is off and when
  • Understand how many leaves your employees have booked monthly
  • Discover a new way to track all types of time-off across your team, office or entire company
  • Find the work schedule and daily work hours
  • Register time off is super easy for employees
  • Discover who is working full time/part-time, or during the weekends.

Employee attendance policy

While an Excel attendance sheet is easy to be done, it’s not easy to track if employees are recording their vacations, or if they are not taking more PTO days than permitted. You have access now to software that automates compliance with the law and automatic calculation of remaining leave allowance once an employee requests time off.

10 Reasons to Switch from Excel Spreadsheets to a Cloud Attendance Software

Attendance calendars

Wouldn't it be great that when a team member records a vacation or sick leave, this entry would be recorded within the team calendar and at the same time in the employees' own attendance calendar (Google/Outlook or calendar of choice)? With the employee attendance calendar, now it is possible.

With LeaveBoard you can time off directly, and track vacacions in Slack, and then your vacation will be synced directly in your Google Calendar automatically.

Reports and records

You want to know more about a particular employee attendance records, or what were the absences that took place within a certain month. The cloud HR software provides you with all the necessary data log in an easy to read digital format. Nevertheless, you can download the data from the attendance sheet in Excel format.


The app comes within two packages:

  • Free attendance tracking software. For companies that are smaller than 9 employees, we provide the system for free.
  • Pro attendance tracking software. Just $1.35/month per employee.

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