Attendance tracking software

Drop the tedious and repetitive tasks from your company with employee attendance tracking software. Accelerate the way you manage people with easy-to-use software that supplies delightful employee experiences.

Maintain business continuity

Become an attendance pro. Either on the move from a smartphone or from the office, your employees can access the online attendance tracking system and have a bird's eye view across the company.

Leave and attendance management software

Use the attendance tracking app for requesting leave

Approve requests on the go

Check team availability and plan ahead

Monitor absence reports

Regain clarity over employee absence and attendance

Allow your employees to take control over their daily attendance or upcoming absences through the software. This way, you will save precious hours by reducing repetitive workloads. Automate workers attendance and boost the productivity of your workforce.

Monthly employee attendance tracker

Attendance is registered automatically based on the employee's work schedule, registered absences, and public holidays. In this way, the attendance managers eliminates a lot of repetitive steps for you an your employees. How cool is that?

  • Understand how many leave days your employees have booked each month
  • Discover who is working full time, part-time, or during the weekends
  • Find the work schedule and daily work hours
  • Analyze the productivity of staff and their availability at work

The best way to track attendance

  • Visually see who is off and when
  • Always updated and available to consult
  • Bank/Public holidays clearly highlighted

Employee attendance policy

Although an Excel attendance sheet is easy to do, it is not easy to track if the employees are recording their vacations or taking more PTO days than allowed. Now you have access to software that automates compliance with the law and supplies automatic calculation of remaining leave allowance each time an employee request time-off.

10 Reasons to Switch from Excel Spreadsheets to a Cloud Attendance Software

Attendance calendars

It would be great to have a record in the team’s calendar and, simultaneously, in the employees' attendance calendar (Google/Outlook or the calendar of choice) whenever a team member records a vacation or sick leave?

With the employee attendance management system, now it is possible.

With LeaveBoard, you track vacations in Slack, and then the system will automatically synchronize your holidays in your Google Calendar.

The fastest way to accurate records

Managers need to know more about their direct reports' attendance records or the absences within a specific month.

  • Clear attendance logs
  • Smart filters
  • Instant XLSX, CSV downloads.

How the leave and attendance software works?

▷ We have a new video. This time a recorded presentation of all the functionalities of the attendance software. In the first part of the video, we have a general presentation, and then we jump into a demo of the web app.

With an Employee Database Management System, your work will never be easier.

  • Approval workflows
  • Custom levels of access
  • Personalize vacation allowance

Affordable pricing

The attendance tracker app comes within two packages:

  • Free attendance tracking software. For companies that are smaller than nine employees, we supply the system for free.
  • Pro - just $1.35/month per employee. For companies that are looking to streamline their HR and attendance processes.

Register today and benefit from a novel approach to online employee attendance software for small and medium businesses.

Automate employee attendance tracking with this easy-to-use online software.

Easy set up ● No contracts required ● No credit cards

Features of the Attendance Management Software

Update your attendance management. LeaveBoard offers incredible HR experiences that remove friction by automating repetitive tasks, centralizing data, and streamlining workflows.

Register any absence

Give employees the experiences they deserve.

  • Online absence requests forms for every employee
  • Dynamic entitlement calculator (how many days off you requested and how many days are available)
  • Instant overlaps warning (who else is out of the office)
  • Instant email/Slack notifications to managers
  • Automatic validations according to workflows and policy rules
  • Company absence calendar
  • Automatic entry in your Office/Google Calendar
  • Delegate absence approval tasks to your lead managers
  • Custom approval flows
  • Absence history & audit
  • Custom absence types
  • Enforce limit restrictions
  • Easily amend allocations

Attendance tracking

Upgrade the way you work

  • Centralize attendance data under a unified system
  • Spot trends, absence anomalies, presenteeism, or abuses
  • Accelerate the way you manage people

Absence planning

Gain time by transforming the planning process

  • Ensure business continuity
  • Yearly calendar
  • Monthly company chart

Attendance monitoring & HR reports

Use data as a competitive advantage.

  • Executive reports
  • Monthly payroll reports
  • Annual planning reports
  • Powerful filters
  • XLS downloads
  • HR analytics New

Absence policies

Streamline processes and stay compliant

  • Approval workflows
  • Absence types
  • Employee allocations
  • Annual carryover
  • Public holidays

Employee self-service

Enhance team autonomy and end frustrations.

  • Employee portal
  • Single Sign-On
  • Yearly planner
  • Staff absence chart
  • Roles and permissions
  • Accessible online as a web-app

Employee directory

Centralized staff data provide visibility and control.

  • Employee database
  • Employee records
  • Structure your company in teams and locations
  • Internal search
  • Daily backups
  • Cloud platform security


Drop repetitive tasks to gain more time for strategic actions.

  • Google Calendar
  • Outlook Calendar
  • Slack.

Frequently asked questions:

How to keep track of employee attendance?

With LeaveBoard, we have a different approach to monitoring employee work attendance. Our system offers an easy way to track attendance. We allow employees to record the leave of absence (Vacation, Sick, Unpaid, Maternity, etc.), and the attendance system automatically generates company charts across teams, locations, or the entire company. These employee attendance charts consider working days, operating hours, public/bank holidays, and leave allowances of each employee.

Every time a leave request is added by staff, the attendance records get updated, and an email notification reaches the right manager. Attendance reports ensure business continuity, highlight staffing issues, or help spot presenteeism, absenteeism, or other deviations.

What do you think about Excel attendance and the leave management sheets?

We believe HR systems are much more practical, reliable, accurate, and secure than spreadsheets. We have put together a guide with the top ten benefits of switching from spreadsheets. Please check it out.

How can staff register time-off online?

They login to the LeaveBoard employee portal and then register the leave of absence with few clicks. Here are the required steps:

1. Account activation. The account manager invites the employee to the platform. The employee accepts the invitation and activates the LeaveBoard account.

2. First login. To access the employee portal, the employee needs to login/authenticate using email/password or using the one-click Single Sign-On functionality with Google, Office, or Slack.

3. Registering time-off. From the dashboard, the employee uses the Book Time Off card. It is intuitive and easy to use, and it does not require any training. The employee selects the type of leave (Vacation, PTO, etc.), the period (3 days, or half a day), adds a brief note to the manager, and clicks on Book time off.

Note: The Book Time Off functionality has a high number of sophisticated algorithms behind it so that employees could experience a lot of calculations, instant feedback, and policy verifications. Find below a list of them:

  • Instant entitlement calculator (how many days you requested and how many you have available)
  • Overlaps warning (who else is off during your absence)
  • Instant email/Slack notifications to the manager
  • Instant registration in the company's calendar
  • Automatic entry in your Office/Google Calendar.

Tip: If one of your employees forgets to record a leave or gets sick, the HR software has powerful functionality that allows managers and admins to register absences on behalf of their staff.

Why should you track employees' attendance?

By tracking attendance, your organization will gain several benefits:

  • Ensure employee accountability
  • Facilitate compliance
  • Simplify planning
  • Create transparency among different types of employees
  • Spend less time on payroll preparation
  • Allow employees to make informed time-off decisions
  • Boost administrative efficiency.
Is the attendance tracker free?

Yes, for companies with up to nine employees. Read more about the Free HR Software for Small Business.

Can I download monthly attendance sheets?

LeaveBoard allows managers to automatically download attendance sheets based on the employees' leave requests, public holidays, and every employee's work schedules. To download the sheets, go to Employees > Reports and then select the Attendance tab. Then click on Download and choose the format (XLS, XLSX, or CSV).

Can I access a specific employee or team attendance log?

As an Administrator or HR Manager, you will be able to access the available reports and filter a specific team, location, or employee. Moreover, you can go to a particular employee from the employee directory and check individually his/her records.

How does LeaveBoard work with Google Calendar?

LeaveBoard and Google Calendar work well together. This combination is a reliable asset for productivity experts. Consider LeaveBoard, the digital HR robot that automatically updates the Google Calendar with your leaves of absences and other vacations every time you request time off.

To activate the integration between Google and LeaveBoard, go to My account > Integrations and click on Google. Once the integration is active, you can authenticate to the platform with one click every time you log in.

How can the employees access the attendance app?

Your employees can access our web-based software from any browser they want, using smartphones, tablets, Macs, or PCs with an internet connection.

Do the employees need to download any app to use the tracker?

No. The attendance software is built in the cloud and works as HR SaaS technology. Since it is a web-based experience, employees need to authenticate online and benefit from all the system's functionalities.

Do you track the time worked?

The attendance is practically calculated based on a series of data points supplied for each employee. These data points are employee operating days, working hours, public holidays, and recorded leave of absences. Note that we do not focus on time-tracking, and if there are no leave records/holidays on a specific day or it is a non-working day, then the software will consider that the employee has worked regular hours on that day.

Do not just take our word for it

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