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Keep track of leave, without the hassle and time wasted. The online leave management software does the planning for you and your employees. And if you need support, customer service is included.

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Among the best leave planning experiences

LeaveBoard works as a holiday and leaves planning software that helps your staff be more productive, plan better, and make better decisions. It is time to experience a cloud-based staff leave planner.

The benefits of using a Staff Leave Planner


Experience an improved process of requesting, tracking, and planning time off.


Use an intuitive HR app to manage leaves anytime, anywhere.


Tailored for your staff: custom entitlement, leave types, approvers, and permissions.


Spend less time on leave management and planning and more on growing the business.


Ease administrative HR tasks across your business.

A modern planner app, accessible on the go

You can use the planner app wherever you are using your smartphone or tablet. It is 100% online and paperless. Instantly send holiday requests or register sickness absence on the go.

Each user has a personal dashboard screen as a staff leave planner with essential insights about the time off. The employees have an overview of their absence requests, vacation, sickness, and other leave types.

Leave and HR Management System Web-App

Transform the employee experience

Do you want to know how many PTO days you or your team members have left? You want to book your ski or surf vacation anywhere, anytime? Well, it is time to switch from static spreadsheets to an annual leave planner that works in the cloud.

Employee portal

Switch from paper to automatic HR processes

Streamline the time-off requests with a powerful leave planner. Receive automatic emails for every holiday request. In this way, the team manager gets informed about it and can approve it in seconds. Each absence will be reflected in the who is off calendar and available at any moment to consult.

Forget about repetitive tasks and focus on growing your business.

Provide visibility and flexibility

The calendar works great as a vacation planner and as a vacation tracker. In one view, you have all the details you need to plan your next vacation, requesting the days off.

Vacation calendar

Regain clarity over employee leaves of absence

Regain clarity over employee leaves of absence

With LeaveBoard, you will never lose track of your staff holidays.

Annual leave tracking

Curious to know when you took the last 20 days of leave? You have four ways to track your leave balance. The personal calendar, the team wall calendar, the leave history, and the annual leave report. Each staff member can plan their entire year and review the past absences. Additionally, you have a summary that tracks yearly the balance for distinct types of leave.

Annual leave management software

What are the features of the leave planner?

LeaveBoard provides a streamlined experience in managing your staff leave, whether you are a small business or fast-growing startup with offices in 5 countries.

Leave management

Use flexible settings to automatically manage the allocation of annual leave, including auto-increment and leave carryover.

Custom leave types

The HR system allows a high level of customization of leave types (i.e., unlimited, auto-approval, half-day request, set up back-up, approval flow, or custom allowance).

Calendar feeds

Your staff calendars are available in their employee portal with the leaves requested. You can also set up team .ics calendar feeds to subscribe to Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendars.

Tailored to each employee

The app permits customization of employee working hours, working patterns, requests on behalf, and leave blackouts that allows comprehensive planning.

Bank holidays

Since official holidays from more than 44 countries are available in LeaveBoard, you can import them to your office, and you will never forget when it is Christmas or Easter.


LeaveBoard will be a great friend if you use Slack, Google Calendar, Microsoft Excel, to name a few.

Absence reports

View HR insights based on real-time absence data. As a CEO, HR manager, or team leader will be super easy to understand where you stand.

Custom access level

With LeaveBoard, you have three distinct user access types (Admin, Manager, User).

Email notifications

No more paper forms. LeaveBoard is sending automatic emails to your colleagues and say on top of what is outstanding.

Entitlement calculator

Forget about spreadsheets. Allow a powerful tool to make precise calculations according to the rules, working hours, and employee entitlements. Relax while the tool does the rest.

Custom approval flow

For each absence request, the leave planner will route each request to the correct manager. Emails will be triggered automatically, and tasks will be available for managers and HR. The software is keeping meticulously everyone updated with real-time data.


Your staff will request time-off quickly, while the team managers approve or decline the leave request with one click. No more questions like how many holiday entitlements I have left. Be efficient and save time.

Free set up and support

Complete free onboarding and dedicated team to help ensure customer success.

Single sign-on

Each employee can access the Leave planner using Google, Slack, or Outlook accounts.

Secure data

We take security very seriously. We have multiple processes to keep data safe. Encrypted communications. Daily back-ups. Certified cloud infrastructure.

Affordable HR app

Get started with the online staff holiday planner. Forget the inconveniences working with excel sheets and messy paperwork for time-off requests!

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  • No long-term contracts or commitments
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  • No more spreadsheets
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  • Access anytime, anywhere 24/7
  • Be up and running in 2 minutes

Automate your leave planning with the easy-to-use leave planning app.

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