Holiday management software

Rewrite how you manage your HR workflows with Holiday and absence management software for small and medium businesses. Boost your HR department's operational productivity by automating repetitive processes. Enforce holiday policies, delegate approval workflow, and migrate from spreadsheets to easy-to-use systems.

Product highlights:

  • Employee self-service portal
  • Staff holiday booking system
  • Holiday management
  • Employee directory and records
  • HR analytics and reports
  • Free HR software (9 users/max)
  • Holiday scheduling and tracking Slack bot
  • Google and Outlook calendar integration
  • Holiday planning calendars
  • Online app

Staff holiday booking system

The online staff holiday request software is designed for demanding employees who want to work more efficiently and want visibility and control.

Book any leave of absence: Holidays, Sickness, Work from Home, etc.

Access holiday entitlement at any moment.







Super easy way to schedule your next holidayThe dynamic form validates instantly every requestKnow exactly who else is off, and your annual allowance quota.
Book time off form
Holiday balance
Leave policies, rules and automations
Streamlined emails for approval
Attendance calendar
Monthly holiday reports

Automated holiday management system

With process automation, you gain more time to focus on strategic activities.

The software takes care of the repetitive tasks with every holiday request introduced by your staff.

AutomationLeaveBoard system
Shows overlapping staff
Calculates the number of holidays booked
Validates leaves policies
Sends notifications instantly
Integrates with Google/Office 365 calendar
Updates the holiday allowance
Updates the staff holiday planner
Updates the absence reports

Online Holiday Tracker

The HR Holiday system will help track all your employees' holidays.

Have insights to prevent burnout, and spot absenteeism.

Plan better for the summer and winter periods.

Eliminate manual work

The stress-free tracker system offers significant benefits to the HR department that needs to juggle multiple time-consuming tasks.

While eliminating the repetitive ones, like updating spreadsheets or answering employee questions regarding allowances, they gain much more time to focus on what matters.

Focus on what matters

HR leaders must focus on hiring the right people and growing the existing employees while strengthening a thriving company culture, not following up on people's holiday requests.

Annual planning and holiday balance reports will provide more flexibility and control within your business.

Employee Holiday Planner

Employee Holiday Planner

Employee Holiday Planning

The cloud-based software is not only helping with online management, scheduling, booking, and tracking but also with planning.

Access company calendars to understand better who is out of the office.

Employees will know how they have used their allowances, see the next bank holiday and plan effectively.

The self-service planner web app is available on any device as it works in the cloud; it's always updated and instantly offers the information you want.

Staff holiday planner presentation

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Innovative HR approach

LeaveBoard is not only focused on holiday management but does much more.

It has a automated workflows to help managers make better decisions and ensure transparency and consistency within staff management.

Is is very flexible, adapting constantly to the needs of demanding small and medium businesses.

It's fast. It's user-friendly. It solves HR needs successfully.

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Frequently asked questions:

How to manage staff holidays?

With LeaveBoard, we have a different approach to monitoring employee holidays. Our system offers an easy way to track staff holidays. We allow employees to register the leave of absence (Holidays, Sick, Unpaid, Maternity, etc.), and the holiday management system automatically generates company calendars across teams, departments, or the entire company. These employee holiday trackers consider the working days, operating hours, bank holidays, and holiday allowance of each employee.

Every time a holiday request is added by staff, the holiday quota and records get updated. At the same time, an email notification is sent to the manager according to the approval workflow. Attendance reports ensure business continuity, highlight staffing issues, or help spot presenteeism, absenteeism, or other deviations.

Boost your company's performance with a novel holiday management system that gives you control and helps you get the job done effectively.

Easy setup ● No contracts required ● No credit cards