Integrate with your favorite apps

LeaveBoard integrates with an ever-growing list of apps and syncs with popular calendars. Our integrations align with your employees scheduling tools and modern work needs. Do not spend time building your calendars from scratch or updating reports manually. And when was the last time a spreadsheet sent you an email?

Slack integration

We have a Slack bot that is super easy to manage. The Slack integration includes checking who is out of the office today and an easy to use way of requesting and managing employee absences.

Slack Vacation Tracker

Single Sign-On (SSO)

With the Single Sign-On option, you can set the login credentials across multiple apps. This functionality is great for employees as they do not need to remember various passwords. It is easy to manage and secure. It uses standard such as OAuth2 and OpenID for SSO using the third-party online services. Google, Outlook, and Slack facilitate enterprise authentication. SSO boosts productivity and ensures simplicity.

Calendar sync

Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Apple, .ics feeds.

Integrate with Google and Office 365 with one click from your account settings. Additionally, from the integrations tab, you can use the .ics feed. In this way, your booked time off reflects in your Apple iCal or calendar app of choice.

    • Company/team/office/personal time-off calendar feeds
    • Work anniversaries
    • Birthdays
    • Public holidays

Back office systems

LeaveBoard is automating several HR processes. Trough dynamic workflows, self-administration, and instant validations, your organization will enjoy a high level of productivity—short response times when instant notifications arrive on managers' email for each leave of absence request. The HR reports are downloadable on Microsoft Excel or spreadsheet software of choice formats.

Automatically add your employee management and leave requests in Google/Outlook Calendar

Still, adding manually the out of office messages in your calendar? Not any longer with LeaveBoard calendar feeds.

  • Team absences
  • Public holidays
  • Employee birthdays
  • Employee work anniversaries.

Suggest an integration

There is an integration that is necessary and is not already on our list, share with us more about it, and how it will make your organization more effective.

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