Slack Vacation Tracker

Tracking Vacations in Slack keeps your team productive and aligned. Managing PTO, Vacation, Sick, and other type of leaves is now possible with the LeaveBoard tracking bot.
Already on LeaveBoard? Sign in and enable integration.
Already on LeaveBoard? Sign in and enable integration.

Integrated with Slack, LeaveBoard is an online HR system to book paid time off, sick leaves, and other absences.

Complete transparency among who is off the next days.

  • Book time off
  • Approve time off
  • List personal time off
  • Team leaves
  • Get notified when your leaves get approved

This popular Slack HR management app helps modern companies to:

  • Manage time off directly in Slack
  • Allow employees to request time off using the app
  • Have access to a leave registration book
  • Configure distinct types of leaves: PTO, Vacation, Sick, etc.
  • Track time-off among teams
  • Setup different permission levels: employee, manager, and administrator
  • Access a powerful vacation tracker
  • Allows managers to approve leaves of their team members
  • Have access to a holiday calendar always updated
  • Know who is off today, or in the following days irectly from Slack
  • Integrate with Google and Outlook calendar after registration

How to use the leave management app in Slack?

By accessing /lb, you have access to the time-off menu directly within Slack.

1. Access the vacation tracker chatbot

Within LeaveBoard for Slack, your commands are just one click away. Only type /lb in the console to access the menu.

2. Request leave

Simple and straightforward way to schedule vacations in 4 steps:

  • Select the type of leave you want to request
  • Select the period
  • Select the dates
  • Register the request.

3. Approve leaves

Once again, everything is effortless. As a manager, you automatically get an instant notification with every vacation request for approval.

4. My leaves

Curious to know if your holiday request was approved, or the dates for it? Magic happens with just one click. Check the demo:

5. The leaves within your team

Understand which of your colleagues who will be absent today, tomorrow, the next seven days directly from Slack.

Isn't that cool?
You are looking to know if your leave is approved, or when your vacation will finish? Magic happens with only one click. Take a look:

What is new?

Employee leave balances

  • Vacation
  • Sick
  • Work from home

LeaveBoard offers an effortless way to manage all leave types, with easy functionality for requests and approvals. Migrate from excel to the future of work today.


  • Easy online PTO scheduling and sickness tracking directly from Slack
  • See the colleagues that are away
  • Receive notifications when leaves are approved
  • Leaves automatically synchronized with your Google Calendar / Microsoft Outlook

Team Managers

  • One-click approval process
  • Manage team time-off and medical leaves
  • Full transparency on who is off
  • Get a complete integration with the LeaveBoard platform (leave of absence reports, automated processes, employee directory, team allowance calendars).

Frequently asked questions:

Can I book absences (PTO/Vacation/Sick) in Slack and they will be added automatically in Office 365 Calendar?

Yes, once you integrate with Office 365, from My account > Integrations with both Slack and Office, your booked absences will be added automatically in Slack.

When an employee books absences in Slack, the managers will get a notification also in Slack?

Yes, the LeaveBoard Vacation Tracker chatbot will send instantly a notification to the approver once the employee submitted the request.

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