Vacation Calendar

The calendar software provides a visual representation of the absences in your company at any moment in time. The Software tracks staff vacations and sick and other types of leaves for all your company employees. Moreover, you can filter the vacation calendar by team, location, or period.

Who's off?

Need to know who is out of the office today? The LeaveBoard vacation calendar app keeps you and your team informed about the employees that are out of the office. The product adapts to dynamic teams and their employees who crave transparency and easy access to HR data.

Team vacation calendar

Employee vacation calendar

Multi-purpose calendar

The calendar works great as a vacation planner and also as a vacation tracker. In one view, you have all the details you need to plan your next vacation, requesting the days off. While, with the second view, you have your annual vacation tracker.

Vacation management software

If you're looking for a digital solution to handle all types of leaves of absence, LeaveBoard is the answer. The web-based vacation management software is easy to use, has the right mix of functionalities for small and medium businesses, and helps you track and manage employee vacations like a pro.

Vacation management software

Functional mobile HR app

Need to work from home? Open the app, press the work from home button, and that's it. Your manager will instantly get an email on it.

If scheduling employee vacation is a nightmare because of leave conflicts and multiple updates, switch to a novel tool.

HR app

Outlook and Google Vacation Calendar integration

See who will be out of the office right from Google Calendar. Let the time-off system manage company-wide or team-specific vacation calendars for Google Apps. And in case you didn't know, you can do the same on Outlook Calendar, Apple Calendar, or calendar of choice with the .ics feed.

  • Google Calendar
  • Apple iCal
  • Microsoft Outlook Calendar
  • Calendar of choice
HR software integrations
Slack vacation tracker

Employee leave calendar

As an HR manager, you are in complete control of all the time-off data of your employees. In a few clicks, you can see the vacation calendar for any staff members, customize the allowances, etc.

Vacation scheduling

From now on, scheduling your vacations will be effortless.

  • Visualise all the absences within your team or department
  • Your manager is instantly notified about your vacation requests
  • Get instant notifications with the overlaps for your interval.

Vacation tracking calendar

Track all the leaves of absence: Vacation, Sick, Work from Home - every time your employees submit a request with the cloud-based app. The Vacation allowance will be available to check at any moment in time. Managers have access to reports where absence levels are reported and become inputs for payroll.

Bank/Public holidays

The staff calendar also shows the official holidays. The HR software allows administrators to import bank holidays in the team calendars. With LeaveBoard, you can set up office-based public holiday policies. And if your company is spread across multiple geographies, you can have different public holidays for each one of them.

Smart notifications

LeaveBoard routes the request to the right person via Slack or Email. The vacation tracking system updates your status when you are sick or working remotely. In this way, the team vacation calendar instantly updates with the latest leaves, and your team is kept in the loop automatically.

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Vacation Calendar Software - An interactive presentation

The following video covers the key elements of the LeaveBoard team absence calendar.


Get the team vacation calendar for free or at an affordable price.


  • 9 employees maximum
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  • $1.35/employee
  • 14 days trial
  • Free account setup

Vacation tracking software

Be less busy, and start to be more productive. Start using vacation tracking software to allow your people to plan, schedule, request, monitor, track and manage employee absences for vacation, sick leave, and other time off. Get the ideal tools for a modern business and an agile HR department.

  • Vacation balances
  • Vacation history
  • Team vacation calendar

Automate your Human Resources Management with the leave and vacation calendar that your employees and the HR department will enjoy.

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