Employee portal

Save time and money by giving your employees access to HR data.

In today’s fast-moving world, employee self-service portals are a very popular feature among HR software. Employee portals software are making life easy for both employees and managers using only to manage absences and time off while facilitating communication.

How an Employee Self-Service Portal Works?

An employee portal is part of an HR software that runs in the cloud and allows employees to use a dashboard to keep track of their essential data.

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Let employees succeed

Through the employee portal software, your employees will be able to manage their own absences and consult the vacation days they have left. Once they have requested an absence, the employee responsible will receive a notice to review it, since your employees will not be able to approve their own absences.

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Less work for you

The LeaveBoard Employee portal integrates with Slack and Google Calendar. Besides tracking all the employee absences and saving them in the vacation calendar, most of your administrative tasks are automated, saving time and paperwork.

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Frequently asked questions:

What is an employee portal?

A simple HR software focused on clean interfaces, multiple automation, and remarkable employee experiences. Its employee portal allows employees to connect and stay updated with their HR information in the business they work.

The portal offers access to employee records, such as absences, consult how many vacation days they have left, check their company absence calendars, and setup integrations such as Slack or Google Calendar.

Secure, online access!

Each of your employees will receive one secure account. They can view their employee data online, anytime!

Easy setup ● No contracts required ● No credit cards