Absence Management Software

Managing employee absence is critical to any small or medium business. Staff's leaves of absence impact productivity, costs, and business continuity. Absence management software will give you control and show who is at the office and who is not and the reasons for all the absences. Tracking the absences will not be any longer a struggle. Your HR-related operations and insights will be under control in no time.

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Start with clarity and consistency

Employees are at the core of the absence management system. The absence tracker acts as a simple self-serve absence concierge, allowing employees to schedule, check staff calendar and register leaves of absence. Moreover, leave and absence policies apply consistently with every new leave request, and emails are beeing sent automatically according to the approval flows.

Why LeaveBoard Absence Management Software?

Enjoy one of the easiest ways to record, manage, and track absences.

Transform the employee service experience

Regain clarity over employee absence with one of the best tracking functionalities. Gain visibility, control, and productivity.

Unlock enterprise-level insights

The absence management software will supply real-time absence reports. Spot problems in real-time and come with effective and actionable solutions for your workforce.

HR Reports

Give employees what they deserve

Give your workforce the power to register vacation, sick leaves, and much more. Self-administration means efficiency, productivity, and so much less frustration.

Employee portal

Get things done

The software cuts administrative tasks and reduces human errors while essential information about staff presence will be available. Monitoring staff absence will be a pleasure, not a struggle any longer.

Employee management

Absence management - An interactive presentation

This video covers the definition, importance, benefits, and functionality of the absence system.

The absence management solutions from LeaveBoard empower your employees to request and manage their time-off by using self service portals.

With the automated software, as a manager, you can make better decisions, faster and with more flexibility.

Employee management goes to new levels, when you have access to up-to-date leave of absence reports when processing payrolls.

Focus on the right things at the right time

  • Employee directory
  • Company structure
  • Centralized data

Become experts in employee data

  • Employee records
  • Access controls and permissions
  • Find essential HR data effortless

Benefits of Using Absence Management Software in Small and Medium Businesses

  • Increase administration efficiency
  • Understand absence trends
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Enhance productivity
  • Reduce errors
  • Ensure compliance
  • Automate HR processes
  • Save money and time
  • Make informed decisions
Managing employee absences is an increasingly complex, time-consuming task. Although it may sound counterintuitive, an absence management solution has many benefits for your company and its employees.

Simple on the outside, powerful on the inside

Each employee is unique when it comes to contractual agreements. You can achieve accurate absence records with just a few clicks. The absence manager is your digital compagnion.

The absence management system

If you're interested in discovering how an absence management system the full HR and absence management process: plan, book, approve, track, monitor, manage, analyze, we have created a diagram to help you understand the big picture. You will understand how different LeaveBoard HR software parts interrelate to ensure a smooth management process.


The absence manager app comes within two pricing packages:

  • Free. For companies that are smaller than nine employees, we provide the system for free.
  • Pro. Just $1.35/month per employee.

Register today and benefit from a novel approach to online employee absence management software.

Features of the Absence Management Software

Take your absence management to new heights. LeaveBoard offers novel HR experiences that remove friction by automating repetitive tasks.

Register any absence

Give employees the experiences they deserve.

  • Online absence requests forms for every employee
  • Dynamic entitlement calculator (how many days you requested and how many you have available)
  • Overlaps warning (who else is off during your absence)
  • Instant leave policy compliance and verification
  • Instant email/Slack notifications to the manager
  • Instant registration in the company's absence calendar
  • Automatic entry in your Office/Google Calendar
  • Delegate absence approval tasks to your lead managers
  • Custom approval flows
  • Absence history & audit
  • Custom absence types
  • Enforce limit restrictions
  • Easily amend allocations

Absence tracking

Upgrade the way you work

  • Centralize all absence data under a digital absence manager
  • Spot trends, absenteeism anomalies, presenteeism, or abuses
  • Accelerate the way you manage people

Absence planning

Gain time by transforming the planning process

  • Ensure business continuity
  • Yearly calendar
  • Monthly company chart

Absence monitoring & HR reports

Use data as a competitive advantage.

  • Executive reports
  • Monthly payroll reports
  • Annual planning reports
  • Powerful filters
  • XLS downloads
  • HR analytics New

Absence policies

Streamline processes and stay compliant

  • Approval workflows
  • Absence types
  • Employee allocations
  • Annual carryover
  • Public holidays

Employee self-service

Enhance team autonomy and cut frustrations.

  • Employee portal
  • Single Sign-On
  • Yearly planner
  • Staff absence chart
  • Roles and permissions
  • Accessible online as a web-app

Employee directory

Centralized employee data provide visibility and control.

  • Employee database
  • Employee records
  • Structure your company in teams and locations
  • Internal search
  • Daily backups
  • Cloud platform security


Cut repetitive tasks and gain more time for strategic actions.

  • Google Calendar
  • Outlook Calendar
  • Slack

Do not just take our word for it

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Frequently asked questions:

What is absence management?

Briefly, it is about the day-to-day overseeing the holiday requests, sick or other types of absences. The leave of absence management software will help to automate the absence related to HR processes. For your employees - you will be able to book holiday requests, access leave reports, and analyze trends. Such systems will help your business be more effective in dealing with leaves, ease communication, and ensure transparency through integrations and calendar flows. In this way, you can find patterns and take measures to reduce unplanned absence and help with better holiday scheduling and ensure that staffing is adequate.

Why is absence management important?

An absence management system improves productivity and reduces absenteeism rates. You remove repetitive and time-consuming tasks through efficient absence management and automate leave of absence processes inside your company. Additionally, leave of absence policies applies consistently with every new time-off request. Finally, the cost of an absence is high, so managing this administrative task efficiently impacts the ROI of your business.

How much does it cost?

Our absence management software is free for companies with up to 9 employees. For larger companies, the price per employee is $1.35 per month per employee. We offer discounts for yearly packages. Check out the pricing page.

Do you offer onboarding support?

Yes, we offer a free account set up. We recommend scheduling a discussion with one of the business developers to help you understand the workflows, the processes, and the structure of your company. The mandatory elements for a successful account configuration will be detailed.

Can I speak with you about our requirements?

Please contact our sales representatives or request an interactive tour, where you will share your requirements for an absence management software and discuss the fit of the HR solution for your business needs.

What can you tell me about data security?

Data security is of enormous importance to us, and we take vital steps to safeguard our customers' information. Our customers' data is encrypted - from login to logout - using bank-grade standards, including 256-bit SSL encryption to keep your account safe.

Automate your absence and holiday management with the easy-to-use online HR software.

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