Absence management

Managing employee absence is critical to any small or medium business. Staff leave and absence impacts productivity is costly and creates frustration. Absence management software will give you control, show who is and who is not as well the reasons for all the absences. Tracking the absences will not be any longer a struggle. Your HR related operations, insights will be under control in no time.

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What is absence management?

In a nutshell, it's about the day-to-day overseeing the holiday requests, sick or other types of absences.

An absence management software will help automatize the absence related to HR processes. For your employees - you will be able to book holiday requests, access leave reports and analyze trends. Such systems will help your business be more effective in dealing with leaves, facilitate communication and ensures transparency through integrations and calendar flows. In this way, you can identify patterns and take steps to reduce unplanned absence and facilitate better holiday scheduling and ensure that staffing is adequate.

Comprehensively recorded

The absence management software will save all the employee leave data in one secure place, that is easily accessible from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. With accurate data regarding your leave allowances, quotas across your business leave management will be greatly simplified. Spot problems in real time, and come with effective actionable solutions regarding your workforce.

Self-service for employees

Your workforce has the tools to book holidays or sick leave and plan and understand the details about the allowance. Approval flows ensure that managers receive the leave requests of the employees instantly. The system provides the details to avoid leave clashes and avoid staff shortages.

Ensure clarity and consistency

The system is built with the employee at its core. It acts like a simple self-serve absence concierge, making sure that all the details are always taken into consideration. Moreover, there are leave and absence policies that apply consistently every time a new holiday request is added.

Getting things done

The software is cutting administrative tasks, reduces human errors while essential information about staff presence will be available at any time. Monitoring staff absence will be a pleasure, not a struggle any longer.


The app comes within two packages:

  • Free attendance tracking software. For companies that are smaller than 9 employees, we provide the system for free.
  • Pro attendance tracking software. Just $1.35/month per employee.

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