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LeaveBoard makes it easy to manage your employee leaves of absence.

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Leave Management

With LeaveBoard, the tedious task of managing absences and time-off will vanish. We offer accessible software for both managers and employees.

You can create a separate calendar for each team; know who is off, when, and how long. Useful, isn't it?

Online request time-off form

We aim to make managers' lives easier by allowing them to approve or decline a time-off request with only a few clicks.

  • Paid Time-Off
  • Vacation
  • Sick leave
  • Work from home
  • Any other type of absence
HR dashboards

Every employee will hold a personal HR Dashboard, which will allow him to check the time-off balance. Depending on the access, managers and administrators will access the workforce analytics, plus the attendance and leave of absence dashboards.

Easily amend leave allocations

Configure flexible working patterns and allocate different leave balances to each team member.

Time off-manager

Handle accruals, carry-overs, sick leave time, and all other confusing time-off calculations with ease.

Who's off calendar

Staffing problems disappear just by taking a glance because you will know who is in the office, who is off, and how long. We call it leave tracking at its best!

Overlaps warning

Since time-off is a benefit offered to employees, they should show gratitude in response. How? Extremely easy. LeaveBoard provides an excellent service: a warning every time they are about to book a day off, and another colleague or more than one is also away from work. Release managers and business owners from staffing issues.

Leave trackers

You do not have to worry anymore that mistakes will appear when it comes to attendance and absences. LeaveBoard is here to help you track the time-off taken by each employee. Forget about emailing to ask for permission about vacation because each request your staff sends is automatically registered in the database and digitally routed to the supervisor for approval.

Simple approval flow

LeaveBoard does not stop here: we offer you many more useful features. As a manager, you can accept or decline leave requests. Revolutionize your time-off management with our simple approval flow, and forget about paper sheets!

Instant email notifications

At each step in the request process, emails get delivered, and task assignments are updated to keep both employees and managers informed.

Dynamic entitlement calculator

Time-off policies may feel like a burden. But we are determined to destroy this belief. You only need to set up the rules, and our system will go on from there. It will automatically calculate how many days off each employee is entitled to, based on their working hours, your company's internal rules, or local (regional) calendars.

Smart integrations

As you already know, we like integrations. Thus, you can integrate with Google, Office365, Slack, etc.

Employee self-service

Are you still thinking about whether you need a cloud technology like LeaveBoard or not? The answer can be no other than YES.

Employee portal

We all need structure and discipline in our lives. LeaveBoard grants this to both managers and employees. Employees will access a comprehensive dashboard that includes all sensitive and personal data and a balance of their time-off. Depending on their access level, managers will see all there is to know about attendance, team calendars, time-off policies, time-off tracking, reporting, etc.

Employee/manager dashboards

Your employees will love to manage their time-off, and they will feel more appreciated and engaged if given this opportunity. If you choose to automate your HR management, both managers and employees will be grateful.

Automatic updates

LeaveBoard will not let you fall behind: you will receive automatic updates every time an employee adds a new leave of absence. So, your calendar will always be up to date. Keeping things on track is also extremely helpful for reporting and maintaining all personal data up to date. The system gets updated too with new functionalities, and because it's cloud-based, you don't need to download any new app.

Staff leave planner

Your employees will also be thrilled: their leave planner is the source for questions such as How much time off do I have left? Did I use all my sick days? When should I take my vacation?

Vacation calendar

The calendar software supplies transparency on the employees out of the office today and the following weeks and helps plan vacations better.

Employee directory

HR professionals and business owners handle a great deal of information, from general company data such as address and VAT to personal data for each employee.

Group staff into teams & offices

LeaveBoard allows you to customize your employee directory according to your org structure and chart. Structure it by an individual worker or by teams/offices. Also, you have the power to customize all levels of access across the company.

Internal search

By using our fast-internal search, you reduce valuable admin time. You already know that time is money!

Secure and encrypted

Most importantly, all of your employee key data is always safe and protected.

Employee database and records

Forget about the stack of paper folders on your desk, one for every member of the staff. With LeaveBoard, you have all your employee data centralized in one secure place, which will allow you to structure your workforce. The HR history of your business is here!

Work anniversaries and birthdays

Still, using spreadsheets with the dates of birth of your employees and searching for formulas to calculate the service length? Eliminate them. LeaveBoard takes care of such records also, tracking this data for you.

People analytics

Learn about the headcount, the distribution per teams and offices, discover your employees' tenure, when is the next birthday or work anniversary, and much more.

Employee profiles

Every employee has an individual profile with easy to find HR data. Thus, when they need any information, they will not bother the HR department anymore.

Absence history

Keep evidence of your employees' absences with only a few clicks. It is easy now to manage absences and find an answer to questions such as When did John take the last 10-days off? or Did any of my team members book their Summer holidays?

Setup approvers

Every company is different. Therefore, LeaveBoard allows you to choose who can approve leaves within a team or for a specific team member.

Import employees from Slack

If your company is a Slack fan, we have good news. With LeaveBoard, you can easily import your team to the Slack platform.

Leave reporting software

LeaveBoard reporting software solves the intricate work of generating reports on almost any data in your HR system with just a few clicks. Accurate reporting is our goal!

Time-off overview

You do not have to search between paper folders to check when a key employee took a few days off or if you had any sick colleagues last month. With our reporting system, an overview of the consumed and remaining time-off is always available.

Monthly/Yearly leave reports

LeaveBoard records all absences that occur and then sort them annually, by month, or by custom period so you can have a valuable insight into attendance issues and mark different patterns on employee absence.

Leave reporting for payroll

The financial department will also have something to gain from LeaveBoard reporting functionality. The HRIS offers detailed payroll data, so sensitive information will not go from office to office. Export reports into .XLS and .CSV formats, effortlessly.

Attendance tracking

If you want to reward the employee of the month, you only need a few clicks to determine who that is. Our attendance reporting makes it extremely easy to check who has a perfect presence at work.

Tailored reporting

From time-off insights to payroll reports and HR analytics, LeaveBoard gives you complete employee data to make strategic decisions.

Powerful filters

Do not forget about our filtering tool: if you need precise information on a team or an employee, use our quick and accurate filters.

XLS downloads

Do you need these reports in an Excel editable XLS form? No problem. We can also help you with that.

Cloud HR software

Magic HR happens at LeaveBoard! With our cloud based HR system, you will streamline your work processes and simplify all traditional procedures. Our approach is the key to organizing data fast, secure, and in a single centralized place.

Employee management software

Eliminate the hassle of spreadsheets and paperwork for managing your employees' administrative data! Discover a new way to automate HR tasks and streamline absence management with automated policies and dynamic workflows.

Core HR software

Simplify human resource processes, data management, organization configuration, gain access to payroll reports to drive business efficiency, and increase ROI.

Local time zones

Our leave tracking software works for small businesses, and prominent international organizations address time zones. You can have one office in San Francisco (GMT-7) and another in Berlin (GMT+2); the system will trigger leaves in your team calendars at the right time.

Cloud HR Management System

The new way of doing HR is with cloud-based software as a service. Simplify your daily tasks and benefit from free updates and reliable security and encryption. The best part? You can access it anytime, from anywhere.

Tailored access and permission levels

We all want confidentiality, especially when it comes to data. You do not wish your newcomer to be able to change the allowance for your director. LeaveBoard has three different access levels to ensure the privacy and effective use of employee data, which will allow your company to flourish.

Employee work patterns

It does not matter if you have a small or large business. With LeaveBoard, you can configure the working hours per company and individually per each employee. Working hours will be reflected in the attendance tracker and absences in the employee calendars within the configured hourly intervals. You can edit the working days/weekends also.

Heavily automated

Forget about tedious administrative tasks. We want to help you focus on strategic matters. LeaveBoard automates all crucial HR procedures, from onboarding to time-off tracking, attendance, and smart reporting.

Easy setup

Our SaaS HR system makes everything so much fun and easy. You can create an account in only a few minutes, and the latest technology will do the work for you.

Comprehensive and configurable

LeaveBoard is the perfect tool to streamline your HR processes. The app allows easy setup, powerful configuration rules, and HR process automation. You can create the team calendars you need and the approval workflows that work best for you.

Used worldwide

Companies across 70+ countries worldwide enjoy our leave management software. Time-off management is the key to success!

Free HR Software for Small Business

We aim to ease the purchases of our HR Systems for small and medium businesses. Therefore, no contracts are needed, and, for companies with a maximum of 9 employees, LeaveBoard can be used free of charge!


We offer advanced security for all your HR data. We use high-grade TLS, multi-layered encryption, and daily back-ups to keep your account safe. You can set up layers of access (role-based-for managers/team-leaders), which will improve your information's safety too.

Intuitive design

Our cloud technology is user-friendly, so your employees will be delighted to use it. It is very straightforward and configurable, regardless of how employees decide to use it. Because it is online and responsive, it works on a tablet, mobile, or desktop.

Responsive technology

The system adapts to the employee's device to provide the best experience. It can be an iPad, Mac, PC, or smartphone. Nevertheless, it will work at its best.

Dual notifications New!

Now you can trigger dual notifications effortlessly. End the need for manually checking when someone takes sick leave.

Multiple languages New!

No matter if you're from you can use the web-app in 4 languages: English, German, French and Romanian. Companies with employees from multiple countries and nationalities especially like this functionality.

Time-Off Policies

Yes, that is right, it is possible to start automating time-off policy rules. Spend less time dealing with time-off.

Setup multiple leave types

You can customize the leave as you want. Make separate categories: PTO, holiday, vacation days, sick leave, WFH, personal time, bereavement, public holidays, parental leave, etc. Employees will be able to check in a few clicks the types of time-off they are entitled to and their allowances.

Employee time-off adjustments

The software does a wonderful job of automating administrative tasks; however, individual adjustments are a must. Need to add two vacation days for someone who worked during the weekend? No problem. The approval manager can act and make time-off adjustments.

Automatically import public holidays

With LeaveBoard, you can add public holidays from over 50 countries worldwide to your calendars. Therefore, you can import country-specific public holidays to prevent employees from wondering when the next holiday is due.

Automatic annual accruals

Empower your employees. Employees need to see with their own eyes how many available time-off days they have and check the status of the current requests. LeaveBoard offers them automatic accruals as one of the many features. Managers have something to gain from this, too, because they will not have to waste time calculating the remaining time-off when an employee registers a leave request.

Custom workflows

No matter how big your team is, we made it easy to set up the leave supervisor for each new employee that joins your organization.

Employee work scheduling

You can set up for each employee a specific work schedule. You can use the standard program with two work parts per day, divided by a lunch break. Or you can customize it exactly as you believe it is best for the employee. For example, take a typical 8 hours/ 5 days per week or a part-time 4 hours/ 5 days per week or 4-days per week with 10 hours daily. It is up to you. Possibilities are unlimited.

LeaveBoard will show you through the team calendars, who is supposed to be at work, and when.


Digital HR benefits from plenty of integrations. Managing time-off directly with other applications is now possible with LeaveBoard.

Vacation tracking in Slack

LeaveBoard makes it easy to streamline your workflow with Slack. Employees can book time-off; managers can approve it, and everyone will check their leave balance, plus the team's calendar through Slack. The available data is always updated. Slack and LeaveBoard stand for the duo you need for tracking and managing time-off within your organization.

Google calendar, Outlook calendar, and iCal sync

If your team member relies on Google calendar, Outlook, or iCal, they will be happy to use LeaveBoard in their daily operations.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Your employees will not have to remember many passwords from now on. They log in with one click using their Google, Outlook, or Slack. Easy and efficient. Leverage enterprise functionalities free of charge.

XLS downloads

All the data added to the system can be downloaded in XLS format with just one click. Need the monthy leave of absence report for payrol, one click. Want to spot absenteeism, get it now. Looking for a list of all employees. Yes. It's here.

Expert support

Have you got any questions? We have answers. We are here to get you to the next level.

Friendly customer support

We are at your disposal for any questions you may have. Our customer support department wants to make the LeaveBoard experience perfect!

Please share your thoughts with us: implementation inquiries, onboarding, sales, bug reports, or feature requests. Only with your help, the HR system is getting better and better.


We aim to be of help to small and medium businesses by offering free HR resources. You can find at LeaveBoard everything from short guides to calculators, templates, and slideshows to help you in your everyday administrative tasks.

Save time by using our resources and focus on people instead of spreadsheets and folders.

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Switching to cloud HR management sounds challenging? It does not have to. Our dedicated success managers will be your contact point and ensure a smooth transition towards centralized and automated HR processes.

Ongoing support

Our platform is scalable and continually adapts to our customers' needs. It is continuously getting better so you can focus on your people, not on spreadsheets or software.

We upload Core HR data for free

LeaveBoard is extremely easy to set up because it runs in the cloud. Forget about downloading any software. You can have all your essential HR data in one place! And we help you for free with the implementation of the HR software.

One more thing

Here are a few extra benefits of using the Online HR and Leave Management Software:

Drop filing cabinets and spreadsheets

LeaveBoard supplies a secure, centralized location for employee HR information and records. Meet compliance requirements, such as the right to work checks.

Self-service your employees will love

A system that is easy to use empowers your employees & managers to update personal information & leave requests. Save time and improve accuracy through self-service access.

Save time spent on HR Admin

Automation workflows allow processes to happen effectively across the business. Less involvement in updating information frees up time for more proactive HR management.

Free HR Software

Our HR and Leave Management System is free to use for teams of up to 9 employees.

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Fast implementation

LeaveBoard is quick and easy to set up because it runs in the cloud - no need to download or install any software.