Managing people is difficult. Automate your Human Resources Management with HR Software that your employees will enjoy. Optimize your time as much possible and increase productivity with streamlined processes.

Create a unified experience

Make sure you follow the trend and empower your employees. Through LeaveBoard’s integrated system, they will access any needed data from their PC or smartphone.

Deliver more value with less effort

Cost reductions are another advantage you will benefit from with LeaveBoard by automating plenty of repetitive tasks. Plus, in the long term, our software will imply lower running costs.

LeaveBoard approach

Without Core HR Software, your business could not run successfully. LeaveBoard will help you ease your people management now more than ever.

Core HR Software seems like a sophisticated term. Still, it forms something fundamental: a sum of elementary functions performed by the HR Department and sensitive information needed to execute those functions. It also refers to the software a company uses to organize and manage this information and streamline the administrative processes.

Nowadays, business owners and managers are aware that their company's growth is dependable on the Core HR Software they use. That is why we, at LeaveBoard, make it our mission to offer you the best there is.


Core HR Software?

Consider the following use cases that the digital HR software is supporting the business strategy and digital transformation:


More effective than Excel sheets

  • You automate repetitive administrative and HR tasks
  • You have all the essential data organized
  • You stay in compliance with legal provisions
  • You streamline HR operations


Trusted by 2000+ HR Managers Worldwide

  • You centralized employee records in one secure database
  • You generate customized reports
  • You have a clearer, more accurate view on absences, employee demographics, and payroll.

A flexible Core HR system

Our flexible HR system runs in the cloud, so you and your employees can access data on any mobile device, anytime, anywhere. These features meet the demands of both startups and medium and big companies.

HR Employee Database Software

Using the Core HR Software, you have a employee database where you can access all the employee records and informations. The employee profile stores work details, time off balance, and leave history, approval workflows, contacts, start date, birthday or emergency contacts. With centralized employee data works becomes easier.

Employee Database

Core HR Benefits

We get a lot of questions regarding the use of core HR systems, and we can say they are many. PWC surveyed 688 employers and found that increased employee engagement, productivity, and money saved are the details that make a difference in implementing such HR tech solutions.

We can't agree more.

Key HR functions covered

Although the core HR functions might be wide and hard to handle, LeaveBoard covers the essential ones, especially for small businesses. And think about the following things a core HR software can do:

  • Keep updated and well-structured the employee database
  • Automate communication between the employees and managers
  • Track employee leaves of absence
  • Simplify employee administration
  • Monitoring absenteeism, headcount
  • Review employee demographics
  • Gain insights from employee records.

Features of the Core HR Software

Discover how LeaveBoard’s Core HR Software will take you one step further to success:

Leave management

Tracking and monitoring leaves are essential regardless of the company's size, so you must automate it. The time off manager reduces compliance risk and repetitive tasks that take up valuable time.

Employee self-service

Empower your employees with LeaveBoard and make them feel appreciated. They will enjoy requesting time-off quickly, accessing their portal with personal data, or checking the calendar to see who is off and when.

Employee directory and records

Keep your people organized. We allow you to design your employee directory according to your organizational chart. Plus, with a few clicks, you can find critical HR data about a specific employee without sending emails of check paper files.

Accurate reporting

From payroll to absence trends, you have everything you need. We offer you tailored reporting to make better and informed decisions. Export these reports in several formats.

Slack integration

Besides other cool integrations, like Google and Outlook Calendar, LeaveBoard allows for tracking leaves directly from Slack.

Data security

All sensitive data is safely stored in one place, well-organized. It is easier to filter and find the exact information you need.

Easy set up

No need to install anything. LeaveBoard works in the cloud, so creating an account takes a few minutes. Plus, if you have questions, our stellar customer support is at your service.

Frequently asked questions:

What is Core HR Software?

Core HR software is practically a centralized system of human resource records. Core human resource systems facilitate employee information management, such as absences, professional work-related data, within an easy to use HR database.

Why implementing core HR software is important?

Once your organization is implementing a core HR software, the system will centralize your employee data into one database. Moreover, it will automate repetitive HR processes, provide access to employee information effortlessly, and gain insights regarding your people when needed. To implement core HR software in your company, register your account, and follow the general HR software implementation instructions. And if you need help, we're here to support you within the implementation process.

Why do you need HR software?

HR Software offers numerous valuable benefits for small and medium businesses. These benefits range from automating repetitive tasks, ensuring compliance requirements, centralizing data, reducing the time from filing administrative forms, gaining better visibility across the entire workforce, allocating your resource more appropriately, and making better administrative decisions.

These benefits reflect why switching to a reliable core HR software will provide you the space to focus on strategic HR, culture, and well-being.

What features make up good core HR software?

  • Employee database and records
  • HR insights and analytics
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Mobility and accessibility
  • Powerful customization according to your company needs
  • HR dashboards
  • Team attendance calendars
  • Absence management and tracking
  • Annual accruals and carry-overs
  • Airtight security
  • Scalability when it comes to your needs
  • Effective integrations.

Automate your HR management with an innovative web-based core HR software.

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