Employee Management Software

People are the heart of every successful business. The more productive they are, the more your organization can grow every single day. With LeaveBoard’s features, you can encourage the efficiency your employees need to show while also making their life easier.

Give your human resources the power to reach their goals at all times using online HR manager software.

People Management Software - Key benefits:

Boost productivity

Streamline leave management with powerful web-based hr software accessible by all your employees.

Make better decisions

With people dashboards, every decision you make is based on insights.

Get more done

When you automate the repetitive tasks, you gain time to focus on the strategic work.

See the bigger picture

Zoom out to understand the dynamics of your company and have a competitive edge.

Key advantages of using Employee Management Software:

Employees are the engine of success for companies of any size have. Each worker has different needs, contracts, statuses, and roles; however, they work together to boost the business's success. Choosing a solution that fits your needs, culture, and growth plans is essential. We offer a system to streamline the HR processes, automate repetitive actions, and speed the agility in which things get done. But there is more:

Leverage the flexibility of HR data

Since all the system stores the employee data in the cloud, accessibility is not an issue. You can search it anytime, on any device. Just complete the task to enter the data once, and then, no more effort! Everything is available across the web or on the mobile phone.

The system adapts to the employee's device to provide the best experience. It can be an iPad, Mac, PC, or smartphone.

Plus, you will be keeping all essential employee details and records secure against data loss or data theft.

Employee database

Access updated people insights at all times

Keep your team informed about work anniversaries, birthdays, emergency contacts, remaining allowances, roles, team managers, org chart, headcount, and much more. It’s a great way to improve the relationships between the employees. People management couldn't be easier.

HR Dashboard

Facilitate the manager’s work

With Leaveboard, managers can approve or decline with just one click the requests coming from the employees. At each step in the request process, emails get delivered, and task assignments are updated to keep both employees and managers informed.

Just as the employees, managers benefit from a comprehensive people management dashboard. And let’s not forget about the Who’s off calendar because, with it, staffing problems disappear just by taking a glance.

HR Solutions for team leaders

Advance payroll reporting

All the processes involved in payroll will be streamlined with LeaveBoard, thanks to the leave tracking functionality. We help you by reducing the time spent on processing monthly payments always on time. The system gathers all relevant data on personal time-off reporting, so no need to worry about this.

HR reporting software

Create a unique portal for your employees

Every employee has an individual portal that acts as an HR interface: personal information like who are the colleagues when they are absent, when is the next birthday, who is the manager, the leave history, or essential time-off balance data. This portal can also place a request for time-off and wait for approval from their manager. They will be able to solve their queries without resorting to the HR department’s help.

Employee portal

Get things done from your tools

You don’t have to give up other favorite apps when working with us. Slack and LeaveBoard - the duo you need for tracking and managing time-off within your organization. Employees can book time-off; managers can approve it directly from Slack.

If your employees rely on Google Calendar, Outlook, or iCal, they will be happy to know that those can integrate them with LeaveBoard.

Slack vacation tracker

Manage absences with confidence

Our system is best known for leave of absence management. We have one of the best systems to support the entire process from Plan, Schedule, Request, Track, Manage, Analyze and beyond.

Absence management software

Workforce management dashboards at it's best

While LeaveBoard works great with few employees, you will enjoy the productivity boost of managing multiple teams across multiple departments, geographies, or timezones. The SaaS people management platform streamlines workflows, communications, report generation for the entire staff within small and medium businesses.

Cloud-based HR software

Employee management system

Give your employee the tools they deserve. Use the personnel management software as the competitive advantage to boost productivity and effectiveness across your business.

The people management software has a solid set of use cases that add value to everyone in the company.


Get the employee management software for free or at an affordable price.


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Effectively manage a global workforce

With our state-of-the-art online employee management software, flexibility will be the keyword in your organization, for sure. If you want to discuss your specific HR digitization needs, do reach out to our experts. We want to make the LeaveBoard experience perfect for your employees!

Frequently asked questions:

What is employee management?

Employee management or people management or HR Management is a combined effort to help employees give their best every day and keep them motivated, with the final purpose of achieving the larger goals of your organization.

Why would my company need employee management?

By using an Employee Management System, you can manage admin activities more simply and quickly. These activities include, but are not limited to: tracking and storing information about your team, monitoring employee performance, monitoring the progress of bigger company goals, plus managing a lot of crucial data regarding attendance, time-off, payroll, and all kinds of payments.

What will you gain from our employee management software?

With the HR employee management software, you will save up a lot of admin time and make better decisions thanks to the analytics we offer. Your HR staff will focus on more strategic matters since your employees will benefit from a great self-service software.

What can my company gain from using an employee management system?

There are so many benefits this staff management system will bring along in your organization:

  • Paperwork drastically reduced
  • A significant increase in productivity
  • Secured data, available at all times
  • Less time spent on admin tasks
  • Accurate leave and attendance tracking.

Boost your company's performance with a novel HR employee management solution for small businesses that gives you control and helps you get the job done effectively.

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