Annual leave management software

Start managing your annual leaves for your entire company with modern cloud-based software. Give your employees and managers the advantage to book, track, and manage their time off efficiently.

Product highlights:

  • Employee self-service
  • Leave requests
  • Employee directory and records
  • HR analytics and reports
  • Yearly leave planning
  • Slack bot
  • Annual leave calendar
  • Leave tracking
  • Annual absence calendars
  • Leave policies
  • Staff portals
  • Automatic HR processing

Let's see how the Annual Leave Management Software simplifies administrative tasks:

Main benefits of a cloud-based annual leave software

Request leave with the LeaveBoard app

History of employee leaves

More time for the strategic activities

When productivity is the key, you need to leverage systems that can take manual work and automate it. When you cut 50% of such activities, you gain time to focus on what really matters.

Simple employee leave management.

Dynamic request time off form.

Balance of leaves always is accurate and updated.

Error-free calculations

We help your business from day one to set up the allowances of your employees correctly. Once your staff starts requesting leaves, the annual leave system will do automatic processing to register, store, and provide insights.

Reduce management risks.

Eliminate manual tasks.

Benefit of a system that facilitates HR processes.

Increased compliance

For each request, our system follows the same rule-based validations to ensure no conflicts and that all the requests get tracked in a very accurate way.

You can audit every request

Set rules to disable the possibility book more days than available

Tap into automated people management processes

Setup leave policies and rules for your leave policies.

Setup leave policies and rules for your leave policies.

Annual leave booking system

With a few clicks, your employees get the data needed online from the device of choice. Plus, each one of them will be able to record annual leave instantly using the system.

  • No need to install any app
  • Take informed decisions
  • Easy to use.

Big picture view

Gain visibility and transparency with our shared annual leave calendars and staff presence chart.

Better absence tracking

Faster absence planning

Improved business continuity

Productivity via automation

We have built the leave app to cut the unnecessary steps that stay in the way of employees, managers, and HR to do their job efficiently. Delight your employees with elegant innovations:

SSO login to employee portals

Slack Vacation Tracker chatbot

Google/Outlook Calendar sync.

Enhance employee engagement

Switch from traditional to modern and unlock digital productivity tools, such as the web-based employee portal, ensuring that employees are more connected to their team. Still, they will be able to plan their vacations better.

Key features

Part of a cloud-based HR Software

The annual leave manager is simple, secure, and easy to use. We're consistently investing in developing time in making it more accessible, more powerful, better integrated, and more appropriate for the needs of small and medium businesses. We like to say that we want to remove the friction and frustrations through digital transformation.

Cloud HR Solutions

Smart leave request form

Your employees will benefit from a leave manager providing automatic email notifications, custom workflows, instant validation and calculations, and instant notification of the overlaps with another absent colleague.

Annual leave management

With the annual leave manager, you will be able to spot instantly spot absenteeism or possible burnout trends, who is off this month, or have a general perspective on the summer or winter vacation planning.

  • Annual, Monthly, Custom period reports
  • Easy filtering per team, office, approver, etc
  • See the earned days of vacation New
  • XSLX downloads

Annual calendar planner

The annual planner is an online yearly calendar that helps employees learn about their past leaves of absence and plan for the next holidays to match their needs and availability. As part of the employee portal, the planner offers each staff member the possibility to know their annual leave balance and history in an easy-to-use way, request time off whenever they need to, and see the status of their requests instantly.

Annual leave tracker

Managing leave of absence across the entire year isn't a simple task. It's complex, requires follow-up, attention to detail, and good communication with the employees. We've created an annual leave tracker app to help you and your people easily track vacations and days off.

Managing annual leave requests could not be easier.

Leave tracking


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The 10 Challenges of Managing Annual Leave for Employees and How to Overcome Them

The 10 challenges of dealing with annual leave: Annual allowances, Multiple types of time off, Annual leave calculation, New hires, and Employees departing, Annual planning, Yearly carry forward, Multiple countries, Different public holidays, Enforcing allowance and Updating calendars. Discover how you can handle them like a pro using LeaveBoard.

Managing Annual Leave Challenges

Frequently asked questions:

What types of leaves can the LeaveBoard software track?

LeaveBoard allows companies to set up in their company's account as many leave types as they need.

Can I customize the leave allowance for the employees?

Since every employee is different from a contractual and professional perspective, the software allows you to personalize each employee's yearly leave allowance individually.

Does the system allow for annual leave carry-forward?

Since every employee is different from a contractual and professional perspective, the software allows you to personalize each employee's yearly leave allowance individually. Learn more.

Boost your company's performance with an annual leave management solution for small businesses.