Managing employee allowance

Leaveboard is made to work among multiple geographies, that's why we could have called this page: Setting Time in Lieu, Adjust time-off, Amending leaves, Edit entitlement, or Modifying allowances.

How to perform this step:

  • From the Menu, select Employees.
  • Select the Employee where you would like to edit the allowance.
  • From the Allowances tab, you can add additional days of PTO or Vacancy for a specific employee.
  • By clicking on the Setup icon.
  • You will have now the possibility to add or remove working days for the employee.
  • Once finished, you need to click on Update.

So now if an employee worked during the weekends or extra hours, you know how to adjust the yearly entitlement days. The changes will be automatically reflected in the reports and balances, making the tracking of time-off for any employee super easy.