Setting your teams

As companies get bigger, responsibilities start to be distributed to managers across the workforce.

To setup your teams, you must follow these steps:

  1. From the Menu, select Employees.
  2. Under Employees, click on the Teams tab.
  3. Click on the [+Add team] button to add a new team.
  4. Insert the Name of the team, select the Manager, and then the Team members that will be part of this team.
  5. Click on Add team.

To Delete a team from your LeaveBoard account, you must transfer all the employees from this team to another. After this step is done, then in the Team card, you will have the Delete team option.

Once you have created teams, you can filter your attendance calendars, reports, and the employee directory by teams.


To add more employee to a specific team:

  1. From the Menu, select Employees.
  2. Under Employees, select the Teams tab.
  3. From the Teams tab, select the team where you want to add additional employees.
  4. Click on the +Add new team members link.
  5. Select the employees that you would like to add to the team.
  6. Click on Add team members.

For the instruction to change the team manager, follow the link.