Cancelling or deleting your account

Companies outgrow LeaveBoard; thus, it's time to find a new solution. We're sorry that you decided to move on, and we accept your decision.

You should download all of your data before canceling to have a backup you can use in the future.

All of your data is erased after you cancel, and it cannot be retrieved.

How to cancel your LeaveBoard subscription?

To cancel your LeaveBoard subscription, contact your account manager or write us a message regarding the cancellation, and we will suspend it at the next renewal.

We do recommend downloading your employee data (Employees > Download) and Leave of absence reports (Reports > Leaves > Download and Reports > Annual situation > Download) before requesting the cancellation.

How to delete your LeaveBoard business account?

To delete your LeaveBoard account, send a message about deleting your workspace and the related employee data, and we will do so in 7 days.

Note that if your subscription was terminated or not paid, we have no obligation to maintain any data.


If you want to deactivate/archive one of your users since he is not anylonger part of your organization, find the steps to do so.