Some of our users encounter the following issues, and we would like to clarify them.

I can't log in. What should I do?

Reset your password.

I can't add the employee to the company account, as the user already exists.

Let us know the employee's email with a separate company account, and we will remove it so that you can add it to the correct business account.

Email delivery problems

LeaveBoard streamlines communication between employees and managers; however, the email technologies are complex, and from time to time, the emails don't reach the inbox. What to do in case you don't get notifications from LeaveBoard via email?

  1. Make sure your employee has the correct email setup in their account
  2. Check your spam/junk folder
  3. If you have a corporate firewall, add to safe senders
  4. Check if the certificates of your email provider are not expired. We do recommend using to do so.
  5. Send us an email if you have checked the previous points to see if we have any bounce regarding the emails pointing towards your employees.