Employee directory

With the Employees function, you have a simple employee directory accessible at any time, from anywhere. For each Employee, you can see and can edit the work details, teams, offices, access levels, personal calendars, role or allowances.

Search and filtering

From the Employees section, you can filter with ease for employees in a particular office or teams or geography. Additionally, if you have a large company, finding one employee is super fast.

Fast access to the teams and offices

The people directory has 3 subsections: Employees, Teams, and Offices

The first one -Employees - lists all the employees in an alphabetical order, and allows to add new ones.

The second tab -Teams - showcases all the teams that exist in the company, the number of employees per team, who are the managers and the team members. You can add more or change the team manager.

The third tab -Offices - highlights the offices where your company is located and the employees that are situated in those locations. Again, you can easily add new members to offices and also associate public holidays from various countries, or regions.