Billing and Subscription

What type of accounts does LeaveBoard offer?

LeaveBoard has two types of pricing plans: Free and Paid.

The free accounts are available for a maximum of 9 employees. Once you add your 10th employee to your account, the account will switch automatically to the paid package. A trial period of 14 days will be available.

How much does LeaveBoard cost?

Our prices plans are based on the number of employees and are available on the pricing page.

You can opt for paying monthly or yearly. For yearly payments, you benefit from a 17% discount, the equivalent of 2 months of free service.

After the first payment, you'll be charged each month/year based on the number of active users. After your payment is made, your invoice will be available on the same page.

How to pay your Subscription?

You pay for LeaveBoard using a debit or credit card - VISA or Mastercard. Put your card details into the secure form in Company > Subscription.

Note: We don't accept payments with Paypal or AMEX cards.

What is the complete procedure to pay for your subscription?

From Company > Subscription > Click Order > Fill the details (similar to the name associated with the card) > Click Review and order > Add credit card details > Click Validate and pay > Confirm the 3DSecure verification > Click Pay.

After the payment is confirmed, your invoice will be available to download in PDF format within the Company > Subscription tab.

Note: Only users with admins access have access to the Company tab, and are able to make the payments

Do you have an auto-renewal system?

Yes, at the end of your subscription period, our system will charge your credit card automatically for the next period.  

When determining the price, are former employees calculated in?

No. Only currently active employees influence the price of your subscription.

How do I get a copy of the past invoices?

A copy of previous invoices will be available within the Company > Subscription tab.

Declined payment?

It happens from time to time that banks reject payments for various reasons. Here is how we handle this:

  • We recommend you to check if the card is not expired, that you have enough money on it, and that you have filled the payment forms with the data associated with the card.
  • If the payment continues to fail, we recommend using a different card.

For the payments, we use the secure payment provider Braintree.