Adding a new leave policy

Each company is different and needs some customization. With LeaveBoard, it's easy. To add a new time-off policy, you need to follow these actions:

  1. From the LeaveBoard Menu, select Company and then go to the Leave types tab.
  2. Click on the [Add leave type] button.
  3. Add a name.
  4. Select the color in which the system will display this type of leave policy in the attendance calendar.
  5. Customize the allowance: it could be either a limited number of days or unlimited.
  6. Make the time-off setting that is possible in your company regarding minimum leaves allowed in your company, the possibility to book in the past, to request half day, or enforcing allowance.
  7. Click on Add leave type.

In this way, you might add a time off type to track WFH, Travel, Parental, or even Working from the office.

Does LeaveBoard work with monthly accruals?

Our system works with annual accruals. This means that at the beginning of the fiscal year (by default Jan 1, however, this can be changed), all employees' allowances will be reset to their yearly values, which can be configured at the company and employee level.

Note that with our recent allowance earned function, you can identify what is the number of vacation days, any employee is having as if that value has been accrued on a monthly basis. This function is particularly used for compliance reasons, and also to determine the actual number of days available for an employee that is leaving the company, on a particular date.

Does the Vacation/PTO accrue on the hire date of the employee?

The system works on annual accruals for all the employees, and the accrual/reset date is the start of the company's fiscal year, not the hire date of each employee. With LeaveBoard, you can access an HR analytics dashboard, where you can see all the hire dates of your employees, the years in service, and in how many days the next year in service will take place.

If your business using such a leave policy, we recommend switching to one that starts on a fixed date (for example, Jan 1) for all employees, and you will be able to follow much more accurately the annual leaves of your staff, monitor the allowances, and remove errors in leave calculation. When switching from this policy to annual leave and starting to use LeaveBoard, we recommend first calculating the remaining days of each employee for the ongoing year till Dec 31 into a spreadsheet and the general allowance that each employee gets at the beginning of the year. Once you have these two time off variables, creating a new company account on our HR system and setting the employee allowance will be very easy.

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