Book time-off

Booking time-off with LeaveBoard is super simple.

From the Dashboard, in the Book time off card, you need to take the following steps:

  1. Select the Leave type.
  2. Select the Duration. It can be One day, a Range, or a Half day.
  3. Select the Date/s. Once you add more days, you have a highlight on the number of days you selected.
  4. Add a Comment for your manager.
  5. Instantly you have a calculation of your allowance before and after your request is approved. Additionally, the system provides the overlaps with the other leaves booked in the same period.
  6. Click book time off.

An instant notification is sent by email to your manager with your request.

The system will notify you in real-time when your manager approves your request by email.

If your manager didn't react to your request, you can send a reminder from My leaves.

The book time off form is automatically calculating the number of days requested, excluding the weekends and public holidays. Additionally, the form does a set of rule validations, before is being sent for approval.

Once you book time off, your Balance, your Calendars, and the company Reports will be updated instantly. Time off tracking will not be a hustle any longer.


How to edit a leave request?

If you made an error, or you would like to amend your request, you can only cancel it and request a new one. You can't delete requests from the past. You will have to ask your Administrator to cancel it for you.

When I book an interval containing a weekend or a public holiday, is the vacation allowance reduced?

No, when you book a more extended vacation period, and in the interval, you have a bank holiday, a weekend, or both, they are disregarded, and only the working days count.

Will the time off requested will be automatically added to my Outlook Calendar/Google Calendar?

Yes, please check our related page on integrating with Office 365 / Google Calendar

Can I book hours instead of days?

No. At this moment, the leave management system works with minimum increments of half days.