Approve time-off requests

As a manager of a team, you will receive the requests of your employees for approval. All the requests will appear in your Dashboard in the Pending approval requests card and in the Leaves to approve menu item.

If there are no leaves to approve, these items will not appear.

To approve or decline a leave request, from the Dashboard follow these steps:

  1. Click on the [Approve or Decline] button.
  2. Evaluate the request's details - Who is going out, the timing, the overlaps, and the remaining allowances.
  3. Write a comment that will be visible to the employee.
  4. Click on the [Approve] or [Decline] buttons to take a decision.

The system will notify your employees instantly by email of your decision.


How to change the approver for one employee?

As an account administrator, from Employees > Employee name > Profile > Click the settings icon, and then within the Approver field change the current approver to the new one > Save.

Can I setup multiple approvers?

At this moment no, however, you can set up a secondary email notification to be sent to a second manager once a request has been added or approved in the system. This practically helps the second manager to be informed about the absence, and if follow-up is needed, s/he can start right away.

What can I do if the approver is away or sick?

As an account administrator, from the Reports > Leaves section you have a perspective of all the leave requests submitted by the people in the company, and if one of the managers is not available within a particular period, you can approve on behalf of their direct reports. You can also setup a notification in this sense.

Can I have a backup approver?

The admin of your LeaveBoard workspace can act as a backup approver for a team leader when they are sick, on vacation, or another long-term out of the office. Moreover, if needed, the admin can decide on the pending leaves of absence at the end of the month to clarify the monthly situation (Reports > Leaves).