Employee guide

This is a simple guide on how to get the most out of Leaveboard. As a team member, you will be able to book time-off, check your balance, access a history with your requests and access the personal and team calendar.

As a new user to LeaveBoard, we recommend following these steps:

Step 1. Activating your account

Since you have been invited to use the LeaveBoard Time-off manager by one of your colleagues, you should check the email and activate your account.

Step 2. Check your profile

From the My account item in the Menu, in the Profile tab, check if the Work details saved are correct. If there are some inconsistencies ask the colleague that invited you to correct them.

Step 3. Your dashboard

The time-off dashboard offers the information needed to make key decisions when it comes to booking leaves. In one glimpse you have access to the following data:

  • The possibility to book time-off
  • Your balance
  • Who is off today
  • The team calendar
Step 4. Book Time-off

Under the dashboard, you have the Book Time-Off option. The page was built to provide all the key details needed to select the dates that you plan to get PTO or simply to book the sick days. Additional HR data such as who is off today, when the next public holiday or who is out today will be presented.

Booking your first leave

Here are the simple steps to book time-off:

  • Go to your Dashboard in the Book Time Off card.
  • Select the Type of leave you would like to book.
  • Select the Duration.
  • Add a Comment that you manager will read.
  • Check the Balance, and Overlaps if any.
  • Click on Book time off button.

Once you clicked on the Book time-off button, the manager will receive automatically one email with the request and can approve or decline your request. You will be notified of the manager's decision.

Step 5. Syncing your calendar
  • From the Menu, select My account.
  • Go to Integrations tab.
  • Activate the integration with Google or Office 365, by clicking on the Google or Office buttons.
  • This will require you to authenticate to Google or Office, and connect LeaveBoard with your Calendar provider.
  • Click Save.

Alternatively, from the integrations tab, you can use the .ics feed for your time-off and public holidays to be added to your Apple iCal, or calendar app of choice.