Setting employee rights and permission levels

LeaveBoard has two types of permission levels: user and administrator.


As a user, your access level permits you to:

  • Book time-off.
  • Access your leaves.
  • Access the team calendar and personal calendars.
  • Synchronise the calendar.
  • Book time off via Slack.
  • If you are the manager you can Approve leaves.
  • Have a status of the Time-off balance.

As an administrator, have access to all features of LeaveBoard:

  • The normal User permissions.
  • Ability to invite or import employees.
  • Ability to add or delete teams and offices.
  • Ability to add and configure leave policies and modify allowances.
  • Ability to check company-wide HR reports.
  • Ability to book time-off on behalf of your employees.
  • Access the employee directory and edit any details.
  • Company wide-integrations - such as Slack.
  • Control the company details and the subscription.