Attendance calendars

One of the most used features in LeaveBoard is the Attendance Calendar.

There are two calendars available for any user: Team calendar and Personal Calendar, which can be accessed by clicking on the Calendar item in the Menu.

The team calendar

The Team calendar highlights what is happening in your team for a specific period of time. It showcases the following details:

  1. The Employees that are on the team.
  2. The Leaves of absence that the employees have booked in a color-coded way.
  3. The Public holidays.
  4. The weekends and the working days of the Employees.
  5. Filters to help you navigate to a certain period, filter for a specific team, office, or employee.
The personal calendar

The personal calendar is a digital representation of your work evolution. You see when you took leaves or the ones that you have booked for the future holidays. You see the public holidays, and it allows you to plan better your time-off.

By clicking on any of the requested leaves, you have more details regarding the specific request.

Note: You have access to calendar feeds within the My account > Integrations.

How to add blackout days?

To add blackout days, go to Employees > Click Office name (i.e., United States) > Click the Blackout days tab > Add blackout day.