Administrator guide

As HR Leader, COO, People Ops, or CEO, you have full access to the Absence and Employee Management platform.

Initial account setup

For a complete account setup, you would need to follow these steps:

  1. Adjust the account settings to match the one in your business.
  2. Setup the overall leave types and general allowances.
  3. Invite your employees, and edit their profile details, especially the yearly employee leave allowances.
  4. Structure your workforce into teams, and offices, according to your org chart. Then asign approval workflows for the managers.
  5. Setup public holidays' for each country/state you employees work from.
  6. Set employee access and permission rights.
  7. Setup integrations such as Slack.
Pro tip

If your organization has more than 20 employees, we are happy to help with the account setup free of charge. Reach one of our experts to discuss with you what information we need from your side, and how the implementation process looks like if LeaveBoard is fit for your business.

Active employee management with LeaveBoard system

Once the account is set up and your employees have started to book their first vacations, then the actual people management functionalities, centralized content, rule-based automation system starts to add value to daily operations:

Additionally, you will have the same facilities in the same way as a manager does:


Do I have to send invitations to each employee?

Yes. See step 3 of the initial account setup presented below. After you register for a company account, you will have to invite your new employees when you have a new hire. We help companies larger than 20 employees with account setup.

What is the difference between the administrator and supervisor access rights?

Note: An administrator has full access to the platform, however, a supervisor has only read-only access to the employee directory, calendars, and reports. The supervisor access level is recommended for accountants/chief operations managers. Learn more about the permission levels with LeaveBoard. Learn more about the permission levels with LeaveBoard.

Can I give admin rights to another employee?

Yes, go to Employees > Employee name > Profile > Click the settings icon > And from the Permission field change from User to Admin.