About us

Our mission is to empower employees within small and medium business.

What do we do?

We believe that employees are much more than numbers and files into systems.

They are the engine of every growing business. They are having their own abilities, knowledge, experience and needs. We built a platform to put people at the center of businesses. By improves employee experience, LeaveBoard gives to your workforce more time to focus on the valuable tasks. We achieve this with cutting-edge technology and award-winning support and advice.

How we do it?

We put the employee first. We listened to the demands of HR pros, accountants and supervisors in managing their workforce. We built a modern HR solution that streamlines HR processes, centralizes information, automatizes time-off tracking and drives the business forward.

Who we are?

Our team brings experience from building and scaling products used by millions of people. Experienced HR professionals, software developers, and passionate technologists that are committed to create a better HR platform for businesses worldwide.

What do we believe in?


Who doesn't like online products that are easy to use, and effective? We stand for easy HR Management.


Continuous improvement


Modern HR is about people, it's about humans like you and me. LeaveBoard is employee-centric and it will stay like that. LeaveBoard helps you get the most of your employees!

Introducing LeaveBoard

Our HR platform brings people management on an automatic, mobile, integrated, transparent and easy to use solution. This could only happen by constantly focusing on interface design and user experience. No more headaches over absence management. The platform will save you hours of paperwork and time taking care of your people requests. The solution is easy to deploy, manage and remarkable cost-effective for small and medium business.

Customer first

Meeting the needs of our customers drives our business. We are constantly shaping our top-notch products to extend value through simple yet powerful tools and best in class support. This helped us to become the HR platform used in more than 44 countries worldwide.

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