Leave Tracking for Team Managers

Managers and team leaders face a great number of challenges every day. With LeaveBoard, the managers will benefit from a wide selection of smart features that simplify the daily tasks in personnel management. Start digitizing your company procedures, save important time and reduce unnecessary administrative costs.

All the features LeaveBoard offers are essential tools that can be of assistance for your company’s management.

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Benefits for team managers

  • Obtain full visibility into their team’s performance
  • Give all members of the team access to the platform
  • Deliver projects respecting budgets and deadlines
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Empower the workforce
  • View business reports regarding team members
  • Make easier decisions based on data
  • Eliminate leave clashes or key skill shortage crisis

Our state-of-the-art leave management software

With LeaveBoard, the tiresome task of managing absences and time-off will vanish. We offer accessible software so that employees spend less time on submitting time-off requests and managers save up valuable hours approving/declining and centralizing those. 

Managers can create their own, customized approval flow, even for each team. No more paper sheets and emails asking for time-off.

LeaveBoard will decrease significantly staffing issues and will allow managers to focus on other pressing matters.

Employee leave tracker

Leave tracking at its best with LeaveBoard! Just a glance at the team’s calendar and every manager will know exactly who is off and when or whether tomorrow is a public holiday.

Employee Directory

Imagine having all employee and company data in one secure place. Digitized. Is it even possible? With LeaveBoard, sure!

LeaveBoard allows managers to customize the Employee Directory exactly how they see suitable. Structure it by the individual worker or by teams/offices. Also, they have the privilege of customizing the levels of access across the company.

All employee records will be kept safe, no more paper folders. Another plus: every employee has a profile containing all his personal data, that can be reached by the management with just a few clicks.

Comprehensive HR reports

One of the most annoying tasks managers need to complete is reporting. From time off and leave reports to payroll reports, LeaveBoard gives managers the complete and smart data you need in order to make strategic decisions. Be a step ahead with a well-designed future planning thanks to the current company vision.

Easily identify voids in your company and share key metrics. HR reports are an essential step towards data-driven decision-making and valuable HR analytics.


If all the above features were not enough, we have one more! A lot of integrations that will allow you to have a more straightforward workflow.

Slack and LeaveBoard are the duo you need for managing time off within your organization. Also, if your team relies on Google Calendar, Outlook or iCal, they will be happy to use LeaveBoard in their daily activities and you, as manager will only benefit from this.

Automate your team management with with the easy to use online leave manager app.

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