HR Software for Accountants

LeaveBoard was designed to help not only employees (by empowering them in various processes) and HR Managers. It was also aimed at assisting the accounting and financial departments in your organization. 

Accounting Managers do an essential and reliable job: working with numbers all day can’t be a piece of cake. But LeaveBoard can turn into a helping hand, by digitizing almost all the processes, such as providing the number of workdays/hours and PTO information for all staff, necessary for payroll calculation or analytic reporting. Streamline your financial procedures right away!

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Why should the Accounting Managers start using our HR leave management software? Here is why:

Payroll calculation made easy

Our leave management software is great for accounting managers. When you deal with 20 or 120 employees, and 10 of them have had time off throughout the month, you can check the data with a few clicks. Forget about emailing the HR department for paper-based records of everyone’s time-off. LeaveBoard is the virtual employee that simplifies leave management.

Excel report downloaded from LeaveBoard with the daily attendance for one month in hours

Keeping track of worked days

Since all the data is kept in one secure place, billable hours for your employees won’t be an issue. You have all attendance data at your hands so that you can process simply the employee pay. 

Team calendar for planning leaves

Access to granular PTO information

The reports LeaveBoard offers are smart and detailed, and a method of analysis. You can filter by the employee, by a team, by leave type, and have an instant point of truth, and if you need these reports in an editable XLS form, no problem. We can do that.

Accountants and Financial managers can leave behind the long hours spent re-entering and verifying figures for correct payroll. Errors are less likely to appear, they will save up a lot of time, and they will enjoy using LeaveBoard. One software - lots of benefits!

A wide set of reports that an be generated in seconds to help with Payroll

Automate your financial responsibilities with with the easy to use online leave manager app.

Easy set-up ● No contracts required ● No credit cards