HR Software For Mid-Sized Business

Turning a small company into a midsize one is always a thrill, and if you are doing it, it means you already are on a great path to success. But hiring more people and leaving the small business comfort zone comes with all kinds of challenges. Switching to an HR software will automate repetitive administration and ease compliance with employee data.

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Rewrite the way you manage your HR workflows

At this moment, handling leaves and absences, generating HR reports, and easing communication and secure role-based access is not any longer possible with Excel spreadsheets.

Remove friction by automating repetitive processes:

  • Handling HR functions like employee management
  • Creating and keeping a healthy culture
  • Securing business continuity
  • Control access
  • Unlock enterprise-level HR reports
  • Serve your people promptly
  • Gaining visibility and control
  • Establishing a vibrant employee experience
  • Reduce compliance risk
  • Improve employee experience

Empowered by customers

LeaveBoard evolved as a product with the support of many HR professionals. And we are still learning how to make better experiences and improved automation.

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Game-changing experiences to do more with less

Your organization needs to invest in digital transformation, and supplying access to your employees to data, through easy to use apps and elegant interfaces. If you are afraid to switch to digital because it might negatively affect your ROI, think again. The indecision to change the current practices is detrimental to your business due to the need to process paper files, plus other internal challenges with planning, coordination, monitoring, and compliance. Small changes like investing in an HR software contribute to a much smoother administration and an improved overall employee experience.

Reimagine Digital HR

Even when handling 40 or 50 employees, it makes no sense to hire much administrative help. So, the office manager or the HR specialist needs support. This is where LeaveBoard takes charge! Start the era of efficiency in your organization with our software, designed to make the growth of your team a lasting one.

How does the HR software work for you?

LeaveBoard provides a streamlined experience in managing your employees with a series of competitive advantages.

Powerful employee directory

LeaveBoard allows you to group your staff into teams and offices as you see fit. Plus, you get to have an individual profile for each employee, with all their HR data.

  • Employee profile and records
  • Roles and permissions
  • Quick search
Increased security

Data security is of enormous importance to us, and we take vital steps to safeguard our customers' information.

  • Daily back-ups
  • Encrypted data
  • Cloud infrastructure
Employee self-service

Modern businesses run on self-service. Cloud technology offers employees a more effective, reliable, and secure experience.

  • Employee portals
  • Time off requests
  • Team calendars
Enhanced leave policies

They are a headache for most companies. Not anymore. With LeaveBoard you can set up multiple leave types, according to your policy.

  • Automatic annual accruals
  • Leave tracking
  • Public holidays
Advanced time off tracking

Stay on track with absences. Offer novel HR experiences for office and on the go for your employees. Gain time and cut errors.

  • Time off allowances
  • Allowance adjustments
  • Approval workflows
  • Instant email/Slack notifications
HR reporting and insights

Gain access to HR analytics data whenever you need it. Use our vast range of reports or create your custom ones.

  • Absence reports
  • HR Analytics New
  • Filters & XLS downloads
Stellar support

Our success managers will be your contact point and will ensure a steady transition towards digitized and automated HR processes.

  • Interactive tour and solution fit
  • Account set up
  • Ongoing support

Welcome the future of work

We know what your mid-sized company needs in 2024. We are committed to simplifying the administrative tasks and making sure your employees get a better experience at work every day.

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Automate your Human Resources Management with the HR Software for Mid-Size Business that your employees will enjoy.

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